Monitor Sleepovers and Naughty Toddlers – Motorola MBP36S Video Baby Monitor Review

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Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor review

Our youngest, Little Z as he’s known here, has opened our eyes to a whole new level of toddler naughtiness.  I live for naptime–and not my own.

My days are spent preventing catastrophe’s of one kind or another.  Neither of my older boys drew on the walls. Little Z does.

They didn’t climb inside the dishwasher or try to take the dish racks out while it is being unloaded. My oldest is becoming skilled at fixing the dishwasher after Little Z’s antics.

Never before have I had a child who stands on the oven handles to reach the stovetop, or had a child who will find a chair or step stool so he can climb on the counter to get a steak knife–presumably to cut the apple he just helped himself too from the fridge.  I have a heart attack every time.

Thankfully, we’ve managed to avoid disaster so far.

Unfortunately, sometimes his antics don’t stop when I put him to bed at night…Toddler climbing out of crib

Though we currently have a bedtime routine he is comfortable with, and he settles down quickly at night, that wasn’t always the case.  I never thought I’d have a kid who’d decide to climb out of his crib at 18 months!  At one point I was terrified that I was going to have to put Little Z in a toddler bed. –Terrified because this is the child who has decided he is absolutely not ready to learn to listen.  There is no way I was going to get this child to stay in bed or in his room without lots of tears.  Not to mention I’d have to take anything climbable out of his bedroom.–

It seems that a video baby monitor was the solution to our nighttime woes.

Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor

I was sent the Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor to review. It was just what we needed for our boys’ bedroom.

You guys, this is like the Cadillac of video baby monitors!  I am totally in love with all the awesome features!

Look at all this cool stuff the Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor does:

  • This monitor provides crystal clear two-way communication and showcases a full color LCD screen. Plus, you can remotely pan, tilt and zoom.
  • You can even peek in at night with the infrared night vision and use the picture- in-picture feature to keep an eye on multiple rooms.
  • Product Details:
    • Wireless technology 2.4 GHz FHSS
    • 3.5” diagonal screen
    • Remote pan, tilt and zoom
    • Crystal clear two-way communication
    • Infrared night vision
    • Room temperature display
    • 5 lullabies
    • Sound level indicator
    • Volume control
    • Range up to 590 feet
    • Out-of-range alert
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Low battery alert
    • Flip out stand (on parent unit)
    • Expandable up to 4 cameras (additional baby units sold separately, Model: MBP36BU)
    • View two baby units simultaneously with picture-in-picture technology

The picture quality is excellent.  I don’t use the lullabies because my kids have their own music they like to listen to as they go to sleep, but I do really like that you can get a pretty good range of volumes on the music.  Though I don’t use this feature either, there is even an alarm you can set on the parent unit if you need to check on your child (give medicine, feed, etc.) in the middle of the night.

The ability to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely with the parent unit is awesome! We watched our friends’ kids overnight a couple weeks ago, and I put the camera in the room where they were sleeping.  They had a case of the naughties and kept getting up out of bed to play with one another. I was able to pan around the room so I could make sure each of them were staying in their own bed.  If one of them got out of bed, I’d use the two-way communication feature to tell them over the monitor to get back in bed.  Worked like a charm!

Babies, toddlers, kids and sleep overs, the Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor is perfect for keeping an eye on your kids at any stage of childhood…well, early childhood.  I doubt your teen would appreciate having one of these in his room. 🙂

The Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor retails for $249.99.  You can find out more info and purchase the Motorola MBP36S video baby monitor at BuyBuyBaby.


Baby sucking thumb

Me? Naughty? Never!


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  2. I love the out of range alert and picture in picture! Genius! We just moved our three litties around & I need my eyes on all of them! I don't skimp when it comes to monitors & I love the hi tech features of the Motorola!
  3. This looks great. We're looking at different video monitors and aren't sure where to go. What sound machine do you use or do you just play music?