Exciting Educational Gifts from National Geographic Kids #HolidayGiftGuide

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National Geographic Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Nothing is more lasting that knowledge.  So this holiday season why not give our kids the gift of knowledge.  Exciting educational gifts are gifts both kids and parents will love.

The National Geographic Store has a huge selection of pretty exciting educational gifts for kids!  As a National Geographic Kids Insider, National Geographic sent our family a few fun things to check out and include in our gift guide!

National Geographic Kids Cook Book

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is how to introduce cooking to my boys.  I feel like in the past couple generations teaching kids to cook wasn’t a priority in a lot of homes.  Unfortunately, this hasn’t turned out well for us as a society.  The benefits of teaching kids to cook are many.  Not only will they be able to survive on more than tortillas and hot dogs in college (cough *The Husband*) but they’ll gain an appreciation and taste for real food–no more processed, microwaveable junk!

The National Geographic Kids CookBook is a fun cookbook designed especially for the young, beginner chef.  The book is full of colorful illustrations and is laid out with seasonal recipes for each month.  Some of the recipes are themed like October’s “Roasted Eyeball and Brains Bruschetta”.  Even more than recipes the National Geographic Kids Cookbook teaches kids how to use different cooking utensils, healthy eating tips, and other important kitchen skills.


National Geographic Kids Awesome Facts

Did you know that “A single cloud may hold BILLIONS OF POUNDS OF WATER but not all clouds bring rain” or that “an 8 year old California, U.S.A., girl has raised overn $300,000,000 to help fight child slavery around the world by selling lemonade”?

National Geographic Kids Awesome Facts inside

If your kid is a human sponge I’d definitely recommend National Geographic Kids 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) 2! This.Book.Is.Awesome! The age recommendation on the book says ages 8-12, but my 7 year old loves it and I’m fascinated by it as well!

National Geographic Kids Animal Stories

For the animal lover, check out National Geographic Kids Animal Stories. Animal stories features a beautiful collection of 19 heartwarming and true animal stories from around the world.  Children of all ages will enjoy reading and hearing these amazing stories of exceptional animals throughout history.  Follow the story of Balto the heroic husky, and learn about Keiko the Orca who was freed.




National Geographic Kids Little Passports

One of my favorite finds in the National Geographic store is the Little Passports year subscription.  As an education minded parent, I LOVE the Little Passports subscription.  One the first month your child is sent a little suitcase, passport, luggage tags, and a “letter” from their new friends Sam and Sophia who’s journey throughout the world your child will be following.  New activities are sent each month to help your child experience a world travel adventure right along with Sam and Sophia.

Little Passports World Adventure for Kids subscription

Check out these exciting educational gifts and a lot more at the National Geographic Store!  Your kids will love their National Geographic Kids gifts and you’ll love giving them the gift of knowledge!


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  1. My son would love that 5,000 facts about everything book. He is so curious. I think it would make a great gift under the tree this year!
  2. My kids would love Little Passports. What a fun educational gift idea.
  3. I think my son would love these books! Great gift ideas!
  4. My son missed the cutoff date for Kindergarten, and he's SO ready to learn. I'd love to get all this NG stuff for him! It might actually keep him busy and interested (toys don't seem to!)
  5. These are great ideas I think I need the cook book for my budding chef!
  6. The Kids Cook Book and Little Passports would be fun gift ideas for my littles!! I know my oldest would love them both especially!
  7. We have the 5,000 Awesome Facts book, but the older edition. My eight year old loves it so I'll have to check out the newer version. I'm assuming it is all new facts?
  8. Educational gifts are the best. As a homeschool mom I prefer them. These look like great selections.
  9. I love National Geographic Kids!!! We've had Christmas gifts from there the past 2 years and I love to see what they come out with. That Little Passports thing is SO cute!
  10. What great kids kit! We totally LOVE National Geographic books!
  11. These look like some really cool toys. I know my girls would love the books.