Make Sure Your Child Gets a BrightStart! at Reading!

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Do you feel confident in selecting age appropriate books for your children?

Do you ever struggle with coming up with activities that are fun to keep your little ones learning?

Did you know that literacy is the single strongest predictor of adult health?

Last week I attended a webinar introducing a new website that seeks to give every child the chance for a bright start at reading.

Nemours Children’s Health System recently launched Reading BrightStart!, a national effort aimed at improving early literacy. The website offers parents and caregivers evidence-based tools to help children ages 0-5 develop the language skills necessary to read.


Have you ever wondered how you can help your young child develop pre-reading skills that will lead to reading success later on?

Nemours BrightStart! website includes sections where parents can see the Pre-reading Milestones from birth (yes! from birth) up to 5 years.  Visit the Pre-reading Skills area where you’ll find information and activities on how to help your child develop: Oral Language, Letter Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, and Beginning Writing skills.


On the Reading BrightStart website you, as a parent, can take a free preschool reading screener to see if you child, aged 3-5 years, is on track with their pre-reading skills.


Does all this seem like an insurmountable task? 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by trying to make sure your child is set up for success, check out the BrightStart!’s Do’s and Don’ts of Developing your Young Child’s Pre-reading Skills.  You’ll find that pre-reading skills aren’t developed through striving for perfection, rather, they are built though exploration, discovery, talking.  Those few things are simple enough for any parent to do with their child.


At some point or other every parent will run out of ideas for creative ways to teach and engage their child in learning.  Parents can visit Nemours Reading BrightStart! At-Home Activities page for ideas to help your child progress in any stage of pre-reading skills.

Last, but not least is, perhaps, one of my favorite areas of the website; the Recommended Books page! Parents can browse and find some of the best books in children’s literature! Many of these are books that are and were loved my preschoolers and my own children.

Visit the Nemours BrightStart! website today for tips and activities to ensure the reading success of your own child!


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  1. shelly peterson says
    This sound like a wonderful site with great information. Being able to read is soo important. My daughter struggled a bit with reading when she was young but luckily got some extra help at school and it's no longer a problem.
  2. sounds like this is worth looking at. we itried abc mouse for a while but my daughter really got bored with it quite easily...
    • I hope you get a chance to visit the site and take a look at some of the activities they have on there. BrightStart! is much different than a site like ABC Mouse where the child plays online games. The Nemours BrightStart! site gives parents ideas and tools to initiate learning games (offline) with their kids. I'm sure your daughter would love to do some of the fun activities with her mama. :)