Light Bladder Leakage and Other Things No One Tells You about Postpartum Recovery

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Postpartum recovery tummies, saggy boobs, light bladder leakage and more: what every veteran mom knows and every soon-to-be-mom will find out…

5 Things No One Tells You About Postpartum Recovery

You’re pregnant for 9 long months.  If you’re like most women, you long for the day when you’ll no longer have to be pregnant.  You’ll labor for an intense several hours, deliver your baby, and finally hold your baby in your arms.  The moment you gaze into your new baby’s eyes you know all the pain and discomfort of the last 9 months is over.

Only it isn’t.

I remember after I had my first son I was shocked!  After delivering a baby (a Herculean feat) I knew I’d be out of commission for a few days, but I had no idea what recovery would really be like.

Without giving everything away–because the point of this article isn’t to make you never want to have children…

Here are 5 Things No one Tells You about Postpartum Recovery

1) After you give birth you’re still going to look pregnant…for at least a month.  Forget the fact that your friend said she could fit into her prepregnancy jeans after a week. She’s an anomaly.  The average uterus takes it’s time shrinking back down to non preggo size.  Plan on not fitting back into your prepregnancy jeans for at least two months…or six months…or a year…or five…or never.

TIP: Core exercises can help tighten up some of the loosness that happens when your abdominal muscles are stretched during pregnancy.  Though not always comfortable, breastfeeding will help the uterus contract and return to its non-pregnant size much faster.  Some women also find great benefit in a belly band or wrap.

2) Speaking of uteruses (uterui?), Just because the baby is out doesn’t mean your contractions are done. What?! Oh, no, you’ll continue to have (sometimes pretty intense) contractions–usually when you feed your baby–for the next several weeks.  As an added bonus, it is generally acknowledged that postpartum contractions intensify with each delivery…because moms of more than one don’t already have enough on their plate.

TIP: Listen to calming music as you feed your baby during the early postpartum days. It will help you relax and help you center yourself. When you feel a contraction coming acknowledge the discomfort, and then let it go and move on. Tensing up only increases pain. This kind of mindfulness/meditation is very effective for pain management.

3) Your boobs change. Sadly, and much to your husband’s chagrin, I’m sure, your previously full breasts will never be as they once were. Enjoy the first 6 months of nursing because they only go downhill after that…literally. From ultra full just after birth to deflated after weaning, I’ve heard women use terms like pancakes, rock-in-the-sock, concave, and floppy to describe their once supple post-baby/post-weaning ta-tas.  I feel like I could be the poster child for this one.  “From D to A – How one woman sacrificed her beautiful breasts to bring forth a future generation!”

TIP:Take heart!  Different doesn’t mean bad or worse.  Embrace your post baby boobs, and realize that they are a sign that you have brought a life into this world. –Also, embracing your breasts with a good-fitting, supportive bra will help reduce the dreaded sag in the future.

4) Speaking of boobs, Breastfeeding sucks…literally, not figuratively! (Before you start throwing rocks at me, let me explain) I’m a big proponent of breastfeeding.  I’ve been breastfeeding my son for the past 21 months.  But you know what, in the early days breastfeeding was hard! –Actually, it was difficult for me for a long time. You can read my difficulty breastfeeding story here.

TIP: Most women experience pain while breastfeeding for the first few weeks. I’ve heard some people say that if it hurts at all, then you’re doing it wrong. I think those people are Wrong! Nipples are a very sensitive area and it naturally takes a little while before baby toughens them up .  I went on a 5 day getaway with my husband last week. When I got back and nursed my toddler again it was like shark teeth!!! After just 5 days of not nursing I became very sensitive. Hang in there over the first couple weeks. If the discomfort isn’t subsiding after day 8-10 seek a lactation consultant or specialist.

5) Peeing your pants is no longer something that just happened when you were a kid. Oh, you thought light bladder leakage was just something that happened to your grandma? Sneezing, coughing, laughing have all become potentially embarrassing situations. Don’t even get me started about jumping on the trampoline!  And should you happen to sneeze, cough, or laugh while you’re jumping on the trampoline…

TIP: Kegel Exercises! This strange form of exercise will preserve the integrity of your lady parts, reduce, and eventually eliminate bladder leakage – LBL.  (As an added bonus, they can also make sex much more enjoyable!) In the meantime make sure you have some Poise Microliners on hand!

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What were you shocked by as you embarked on your first postpartum recovery?


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  1. I don't have kids, but my sister has two, and I've gotten an earful about ALL of these things. Now that those days are over, they're funny stories to recount, but in the moment, she was miserable.
  2. Motherhood is a magical thing. It magically turns you into a leaky, floppy mess! It's totally worth it, though! I'd trade my perky boobs and non-leaky bladder for my daughter any day.
  3. I totally agree! My skin has so many stretch marks and my boobs...oh how I miss my old prekid ones! In the end it is worth it though!
  4. Thanks for this great article. It was so true and at the same time so funny.
  5. Lisa Bristol says
    I was surprised after i had my son how long it takes to really heal from having a baby. I was trying to recover from a emergency C section after 24 hours of hard labor. It took me a month till i could comfortably walk around.
  6. I love this - there were SO many surprises I never even knew about after my son was born! Agreed - breast feeding sucks AND the after-labor "contractions" can be super intense!
  7. Great, great post. Motherhood is a wonderful thing that is horrible on your body. All the things that were once high and tight become low and loose. O_O AND your boobs really hurt!
  8. Seriously all these are spot on. and why in the world didn't anyone tell me about that BEFORE my kids were born. What a shocking awakening after baby came.
  9. One thing I wasn't prepared for was still looking pregnant after birth. I honestly thought I would fit right back into my old jeans. I was a silly girl!
  10. Ann Bacciaglia says
    I was not prepared for the cramping to last for so long after i had my kids. I am so thankful there is such a great product available for the light bladder leakage i have had ever since i had my son 21 years ago.
  11. I have a female friend who REALLY over shares. She has two kids, and I know SO much more than I ever wanted to about her boobs, her cramps, and her uterus.
  12. Those sound perfect... I never thought of them for post-partum... I totally love how slim they are and can fit right in my handbag... Thanks for sharing...
  13. Those sound perfect... I never thought of them for post-partum... I totally love how slim they are and can fit right in my handbag... Thanks for sharing...
  14. Bravo for talking about some of these topics that most women are afraid to discuss... especially the saggy boobs. Sigh. At least the children are worth it!
  15. This is a great product for pregnancy and postpartum. I had not thought of that!
  16. I too have never been the same with bladder control, sadly, ever since my 3rd trimester. However, nearly 8 years later, I wouldn't change it for the world. Thanks for suggesting Poise.
  17. I wish I would have read this 9 years ago lol. Great post.
  18. shelly peterson says
    Great post. All this stuff is definitely better to know in advance. It's crazy what pregnancy does to your body. These poise pads are great for LBL.
  19. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says
    Dang kids, right?? Always up to something to throw you off your game, even when they aren't trying! ;)
  20. Rock in the sock, eh? I hadn't heard that one! LOL... Kids do a bang up job on our bodies, that is for sure!
  21. I went ahead and requested a free sample. I'm looking forward to trying these out for myself. Thanks for sharing.
  22. 5 kids later, bladder leakage is always an issue. I'm always fun for the nurses when I have my babies. They walk in and I give them a full report of what they need.
  23. I wish someone would have told me all of this before I had my daughter! Really great information! Thanks!
  24. These are great! I have had 5 kids and my bladder is not the same!