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2013 was a joyous year. We started the year off welcoming our third son into the world in January.sleeping baby

But it was also a rough year for me in a lot of respects.  Little Z had a rough time gaining weight. I, determined not to throw in the breastfeeding towel, became all consumed with the daily feeding struggles.  It was such a struggle that I began having anxiety.  To top the mom struggles off, Little Z is my neediest and naughtiest child.   Struggles this year were exacerbated by the fact that my husband was gone several times during the year–twice were for 2 months at a time.

Saying goodbye to daddy

Saying goodbye to Daddy as he left for two months.

I know that I’m not alone in my “mom struggles”. I also know that my struggles were relatively mild compared to what many moms experience as they raise their children and try to provide a loving safe environment for their children.  But I also know that whether our struggles are great or small, they are REAL.  They are our own. Just because you have a friend who is going through some great trial doesn’t make your more minor struggle any less real.

It was during the months my husband was away that I really had to become an Unstoppable Mom!

Often times we moms find ourselves comparing our parenting, our housekeeping, our craftiness to that of other moms.  One night as I was lamenting over the phone to my husband that I just could not keep up with the housework he encouraged me to just let it go.

So now I encourage you to STOP for a second. Take a breath. And Let It Go!

How Learning to Let it Go helped me become an Unstoppable Mom

Once you learn to do that, you’ll become an Unstoppable Mom!

1) Let go of your pride and don’t be afraid to ask for, or accept, help! Find a good support system: church, playgroups, neighborhoods are a good place to start. Ask friends if they are willing to help out when you need it, and let them know that they are welcome to call on you when you need a hand.  I have a very amazing friend who came over to my house on multiple occasions when my husband was gone and helped me clean my kitchen after a long day.

2) Don’t be afraid to let go of the housework…just a little bit. Having a filthy or cluttered house isn’t good for anyone’s physical or mental health. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if we’re spending our day cleaning, tidying, and making sure the house remains spotless at the expense of time with our kids, if we are stressing out and getting on our kids cases for putting their hands on the walls (*gasp* fingerprints!), pulling a bunch of books off the bookshelf, or doing other kid-ly things in the name of curiosity and fun we might need to reevaluate our perspectives a bit and just Let it Go.  It is okay for your house not to be spotless all the time.  A family lives here, a family plays here.  It is okay just to Let It Go. I know that one day my house will once again look put together on a regular basis, but today is not that day…and I’m okay with that.

3) Let go of the idea that Mom has to do it all. Mom’s responsibilities outside of raising her family have increased over the past several years, but for some reason mom’s responsibilities at home haven’t proportionally decreased.  Oftentimes moms are holding down a job and holding down the fort at home.  They are responsible for their job, raising the kids, and doing the housework.  Can we say burn out?  Part of being an Unstoppable Mom is being able to talk to your family members, let them know you need their help, and assign them tasks to help out around the house.

My husband played a big part in helping me learn to Let It Go (just a perk of being married to a Psychologist!). It sounds counterintuitive, but learning to let go of the housework a little bit has been the number 1 biggest reason I consider myself an Unstoppable Mom!

What household tips do you have that have helped you become an Unstoppable Mom?


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  1. shelly peterson says
    Let it Go... I like that! I'm sure it must have been difficult. So glad it has helped you out and you have a wonderful husband who supports you.
  2. This is a awesome post, with very helpful insight and tips for letting go, and just to relax and enjoy life, especially with family.
  3. Food for thought, for sure. Thanks for sharing the story of your struggles--I know that can't be easy. I'll try to remember not to stress too much over the minor things at the expense of sharing quality time with family. Good advice.