How to Create a Homework Station or Homeschool Area in Small Spaces

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Create a Homeschool Area or Homework Station in a small space, on a budget

Last Spring I got fed up.

Getting my tired 6 year old to do his homework after a long, stressful day at school was one thing, finding a place for him to do his homework was another thing.

I couldn’t have him do it at the kitchen table because homework time usually ran into dinner time when I needed to set the table.  I didn’t want him doing his homework at my desk because he’d get distracted and end up playing on the computer…and, let’s face it, most of the time my desk is just too cluttered anyway.

When I decided to homeschool my boys this year it became vital that I find an organized space for my boys to sit and learn.

Creating a homeschool area in small spaces can be a challenge because, generally speaking, there are already items occupying the spaces you are looking to use for your homeschool space or homework station.

Tips to create a Homeschool Area in Small Spaces on a Budget

(The following tips don’t only apply to homeschool, you can create a great homework station for your kids using the tips below.)

Tip #1 : Locate an area in your home with access to natural light and a low amount of distractions.

We decided to put our homeschool area in the playroom. It is the only room in our house that has no thru-traffic, where we could actually fit a desk for the boys, and that has a good amount of natural light.  I’ve found that, as long as their playroom is kept relatively clean, the toys are not a distraction.

*Natural light is very important in a study space.  In fact, researchers have found that exposure to natural light in the workplace (or study space) increases productivity and also helps us sleep better at night.

Tip #2 : Relocate the existing toys or furniture to another space.Tips for Organizing the Playroom

You may have to get creative with this one.  For us, this meant installing (much needed)  inexpensive shelving and moving toys upwards.  Something we should have done long ago, before “Mr. Messes with Everything” started walking.

I also organized the boys’ mess of a costume box by hanging on the wall an old coat hanger we had lying around, and hanging the rest of the costumes on a clothes rack I purchased for $15.

Our playroom was actually built to be an office and has glass paneled doors.  I hated having people walk into our house and have the mess that was in the playroom be the first thing they see.  On a seemingly unrelated note I also have a bunch of learning supplies I use on a regular basis that I didn’t have a specific place to put.  I killed two birds with one stone and purchased hanging organizers at Bed Bath and Beyond.


Tip #3 Create an organized, colorful homeschool or homework area!Homeschool area in small spaces

1. I bought 2 sets of magazine files ($6.99 set)–1 set for each boy–to organize workbooks and homeschool books.

2. Upcycle tin cans for pencils, markers, and pens by wrapping them in washi tape. I wanted the school supplies to be out of the baby’s reach so we got these BYGEL storage containers ($.99 each) and hanging rod ($2.99) from IKEA.

3. I created an Art Display Wall to showcase the boys’ favorite papers and works of art. (Click the link to see the tutorial.)

4. Years ago when we threw out my husband’s desk from high school we decided to save the perfectly good top.  It didn’t take much space to store and we figured it would come in handy sometime.  It did!  The Husband used inexpensive PVC pipes, which he cut to size, for the legs.  He attached the legs to the table with closet flange similar to this one.  We chose to have the table counter height to deter the toddler from eating the homework…and the crayons…and the markers.  We picked up 2 STIG Barstools from IKEA for $16.99 each.

 Create Homeschool Area in Small Spaces


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  1. shelly peterson says
    The space looks great. Love your ideas. The hanging organizers sure can save space and keep things organized.
  2. Rebecca Parsons says
    Definitely some great organization ideas. Love using regular office supply storage for kids storage.
  3. wow you are super organized !:) i love it!!!! more pics please.. and more organizing tips!!