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Your Kids' Favorite TV and Movie Characters from Hasbro

This past summer saw an excellent line-up of television shows and movies! And my boys were super excited when a box of goodies inspired by those shows and made by Hasbro arrived on our doorstep several weeks ago.

“It’s better than Christmas!” my oldest cried.  It is true it was more toys than they get at Christmas.  They were so excited to dive right in! I didn’t want them to be flooded with presents and then forget them all the next day so bit by bit, they did extra chores, earned stars in school and earned each of their new Hasbro toys.


Okay, so my boys don’t play with these, but having been a huge My Little Pony fan myself, I adore the new My Little Pony Fantastic Flutters! I still have most of my My Little Pony toys from when I was a little girl.  From the new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic come the newest My Little Pony Fantastic Flutters collection.  Recommended for ages 3+ these retail for $8.99.

My LIttle Pony Fantastic Flutters Pony from Hasbro


If you have Spider-Man fans at home don’t miss some of these amazing Spider-Man toys from Hasbro!

Spider-Man Toys from Hasbro


My boys love the Amazing Spider-Man Spider Vision Electronic Mask!

Made for ages 5+, the Amazing Spider-Man Spider Vision Mask retails for $19.99. The mask includes two discs that have reflective tape so they illuminate when the Spider Vision Mask shines on them.  The Mask is sized so that it fits a rather wide range of head sizes.  It has a comfortable nose piece which keeps the mask securely in place without rubbing against eyelashes or forehead.

The Amazing Spider-Man Spider Vision Mask

Look out, Spider-Man! There’s a giant Lizard behind you!


Transformers are back and they’re just as cool as every.  My brother and I collected and played with Transformers when we were kids.  Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and others are back!  Hasbro has turned some of our favorite Transformer characters into awesome toys for all ages.

Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction toys


Transformers: Age of Extinction One -Step Changers (the yellow Transformer seen below) are made for children ages 5+ and retail for $9.99. Transformers: Age of Extinction Power Battlers (the blue Transformer seen below) are intended for children ages 6+ and retail for $12.99.

Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction toys

The Transformer One-Step changers were perfect for my 4 year old!  He can easily transform his guy and keep up with his older, more adept brother.

Big Brother loves the Transformers: Age of Extinction Power Battlers!  Each battler has its own special battle action.  With a squeeze of a leg or twist of the torso each figure unleashes its own signature attack!


Now the Transformers Battle Masters were definitely my favorite of the toys!  They are made for ages 5+ and retail for $24.99.

The boys have such fun having quick little battles, seeing who can pop the other’s head up first.  Even The Husband and I have had fun playing with the Transformers Battle Masters!

Transformers Battle Masters

Transformers Battle Masters


Even your littlest superhero fans will enjoy playing with the Playskool Mr. Potato Head Mixable, Mashable Heroes. Recommended for ages 2+ and retailing for only $6.99 per set, these affordable toys allow even the little toddlers to be like their big brothers and sisters.  I love how easy it is to assemble and disassemble each of the sets.  Just as with the full sized Mr. Potato Heads, parts can be interchanged helping build creativity and allowing for maximum fun and silliness.

Hasbro Mr. Potato Head Mixable, Mashable Heroes

With the holidays quickly coming upon us, make sure you keep these latest Hasbro Toys in mind as you do your holiday shopping!  With a wide age range, a variety of price points, and toys both boys and girls will love Hasbro has made sure there is something for every child!

You can check out more great Hasbro toys at Hasbro.com.


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  1. My daughter loves my little pony, one of her all time favorites, she has a bunch of these. great picks here.
  2. shelly peterson says
    There are some great toys there. My grandson loves Spiderman.
  3. What a nice selection of toys! I especially like the Potato Heads, and I have a little girl in mind who might just be seeing them wrapped in Christmas paper. :-) Thanks for the review.