Display Your Kids Art with this DIY Kids Art Wall

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Display Your Kids' Artwork on this DIY Art Wall

My kids are at that age when they are bringing home oodles of hand drawn masterpieces from school and creating oodles more works of art here at home.  And, if you have children then you know, hell hath no furry like your child catching you throwing anything away…ever.

So I devised a cute Kids Art Wall!  Thus ended the kids’ meltdowns about me throwing away their stuff, and it looks super cute too!

This DIY Kids Art Wall is super simple.  I consider myself a novice DIY’er, and it was simple enough for me to accomplish.  With just a few steps and under $15 you’ll be able to display your kids’ art in style, too!

Here is what you’ll need for your DIY Kids Art Wall

  • Wooden Letters — You can spell “A-R-T”, your child’s name, or whatever else suits your fancy.  I purchased letters that were already white to save me a step.
  • Small stencil — This is totally optional.  I wanted to put a little color on my white letters so I bought a little stencil to paint spirals and curly cues onto the letters.  If you decide to stencil on a decoration you’ll also need: a smaller roller brush, acrylic paint of your choice.
  • 4 Wooden Clipboards — These were under $2 each at Target.
  • Spray Paint — I used one can of solid color red and one can of sparkly red.
  • Nails for attaching your clipboards and letters to the wall.

 Here is how to make your Kids Art Wall

Step 1

Art for Kids Art wall

I decided to use white letters to match the trim in our playroom, and stencil on red designs to tie in the red on the clipboards.

If you’re going to add design and color to your wooden letters, I’d recommend using a small roller brush, stencil, and acrylic paint.  I used spray paint and, though it turned out okay, it would have been so much easier had I rolled on acrylic paint.


Step 2

Creating a Kids Art wall--materials

Spray paint your clipboards.  You’ll only need to do the front of your clipboards, but make sure you get around the edges well.  In the picture it shoes that I taped the metal clip part.  This is totally optional.  I sprayed on two layers of the solid red, and then removed the masking tape and sprayed two layers of the glitter blast over the entire front of the clipboard. Let the clipboards dry 10 minutes in between each layer.

Clipboards for kids' art wall



Step 3

DIY Kids Art Wall


Measure and attach to your wall using nails.  I actually dipped the tips of the nails in red paint so they would blend in with the clipboards.


Step 4

DIY Kids Art wall


Display your kids’ greatest masterpieces!


Hope you enjoyed this DIY Kids Art Wall tutorial!  Don’t forget to pin it for later.  Your kids will thank you!


DIY Kids Art Wall


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  1. Christina G. says
    What a beautiful area! I love the "Art" letters and stenciling and the clipboards are a great idea. Thanks for sharing!
  2. shelly peterson says
    I just love this idea! It's a great way to show case their special projects that they bring home from school.
  3. What a fantastic idea! So cool and keeps it well organized so there not all over the place. Great idea, I love the clip boards.
  4. love this! been wanting to do my daughter's name on her wall but haven't found a way or anyone to do it!!
  5. I love it! What a cute way to showcase your little one's creations. Much better than the fridge.
  6. What a great idea!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!
  7. This is such a cute idea! I love the artwork that my grandsons bring home from school and this is such a nice way to display it!
  8. I love this art wall, the letters are so neat looking and the idea so simple.