Rock N Learn Learn a Language – Review and Giveaway

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Summer is in full swing! I hope you and your family are enjoying the couple months off from school.  A few weeks ago I talked about ways to avoid the summer slide.   It is important that kids keep their brains active and learning throughout the summer months when school is out.  It isn’t always easy, but with the simple tips I gave in my previous post, you can help your kids avoid that information loss that so many kids experience during the summer.

One of the ways to foster continued summer learning is to use educational videos.  My kids have a loosely structured summer schedule, but they still need some downtime.  When they’re exhausted from playing outside (in this oppressive Louisiana heat and humidity) they can come inside and pick a show to watch while they cool down.


rock n learn review

Rock N Learn DVDs are one of my favorite brands of educational DVDs for their simple approach and effectiveness.  Recently Rock N Learn sent me two of their DVDs to review.  You can read my Rock N Learn Sight Words Level 1 review here.

Rock N Learn Learn a Language review

The second DVD Rock N Learn sent was their new Learn a Language DVD.  This impressive DVD teaches over 80 words and phrases in a total of 6 languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, and English.  Each language is on a separate track and can be selected on the main menu of the DVD.  There is also the option to add subtitles (in various languages) at the bottom of the screen.

Rock N Learn’s Learn a Language differs from the other Rock N Learn DVDs in that the entire DVD is spoken rather than sung.  Rock N Learn states that “This allows children to clearly imitate sounds and pick up the nuances of each language.”  While I understand where they are coming from with that I really think that the addition of a few vocabulary based songs would be very helpful for memory purposes.  

Despite the fact that Learn a Language veers from the traditional Rock N Learn format filled with songs, every time my boys watch the Rock N Learn Learn a Language DVD they are completely captivated.  I think I mentioned in my other post that they often watch their Rock N Learn DVDs in the car when we are out and about running errands.  I love hearing them in the back repeating the vocabulary they are learning from the DVD.  Now, my 4 year old will occasionally utter phrases in Spanish and can understand some of the Spanglish I speak to them!

I’ve been nothing but pleased with the Rock N Learn DVDs!  As a parent, at first glance they look a little corny, BUT my kids LOVE them, and they are so effective at teaching that I can easily dismiss any perceived cheesiness.

You can find Rock N Learn educational books, CD’s, and DVDs at  DVD’s retail for $19.99.  If you purchase from the Rock N Learn website use the Rock N Learn Coupon Code KR8822 for 25% off your purchase!  I’m excited to get the Money and Making Change DVD for my boys!


Rock N Learn is giving Oh So Savvy Mom readers a chance to win a Rock N Learn DVD of their choice!

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  1. Diane Cooper says
    I would choose Dance With The Animals for my granddaughter.
  2. I would choose learn a language for my son
  3. Rebecca Parsons says
    I would choose the Spanish Vol 1 & 2
  4. courtney b says
    i would pick dance with the animals. my daughter loves animals and she loves to dance!!
  5. Sight Words Level 1
  6. rosa rogers says
    I would choose the spanish one for my granddaughters..
  7. If I won, I'd probably choose Sight Words level 1.
  8. ReggieMann says
    I would choose the Money & Making Change DD
  9. Natalie Brown says
    Hi! I would choose the Colors, Shapes, & Counting DVD because it's at the perfect level for my grandson. He would love it! Thank-you for the fun chance!
  10. Cathy Burnett says
    I would love to have the "Getting Ready for Kindergarten" so I can share it with my granddaughter to help her get ready for kindergarten.
  11. this Learn a Language is the one i'd want!
  12. Tiffany Lane says
    I would choose the multiplication one
  13. cynthia Painter says
    I would get the colors shapes and counting for preschoolers!
  14. Jennifer R says
    If I won I would choose the Multiplication Rap DVD from Rock n Learn.
  15. T.h.Ransom says
    I would love the Telling Time Dvd