On to Zion! Road Trip Recap

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It is images like this that make a 24 hour car ride with 3 small children bearable for me.

wind power, wind farm, wind turbines

Texas Wind Farm

 I am absolutely captivated by the scenery when I drive on long road trips.  I was lucky to have The Husband driving this time so I could take some pictures.

Two weeks ago (has it been that long already!?) we set out to on our drive from Bossier City, Louisiana to Zion National Park in Utah to attend a family reunion with all of my siblings and some extended family.  It was a LONG drive, but thankfully it was a beautiful drive!


Painted Desert (not the Painted Desert)

 Before this Zion road trip the longest car ride Baby Z (18 months) had ever been on was a 6 hour trip to Katy, TX.  Though I can’t say he was eager to beat his road trip record, he was a trooper.

We tried incorporating some games into our travels, but that quickly fizzled out and we resorted to a steady stream of DVDs to keep the peace.

Road trip

They’re in the zone.

Thankfully, we got to enjoy the prettiest of the scenery towards the end of my journey.  I seriously credit that with keeping me from breaking down in hopeless wails of “will this journey ever end!”.

Arizona near Lake Powell


Make it to Zion we did.  And, though I can’t imagine that with all the flash floods, heat, and extreme cold it seemed much like a Zion to the Mormon pioneers who settled it, it was truly magnificent!

Stay tuned for more pictures from our Zion adventures!


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  1. Christina Kelbel says
    Beautiful scenery, I love it. Black and white pics are my fave.
  2. Love those pictures!
  3. Beautiful pictures. We've never been to the SW part of the United States, but hope to sometime in the next few years.
  4. I love Zion. It's beautiful
  5. nicole dz says
    I love road trips with the family, they are always so adventurous & fun. We recently drove to STL and got to go on quite a adventure, my favorite is going inside the Arch.
  6. this looks like such a gorgeous trip!
  7. those pictures are absolutely beautiful!
  8. Julie Wood says
    Beautiful scenery and the drive looks like fun to me. I think your kids did great. I would love to take a trip through Zion.
  9. shelly peterson says
    That is a long time to travel with 3 little ones. But boy from what I can tell by the pics, the scenery was just beautiful! I look forward to more pictures. :)
  10. I am impressed with your pictures. The kids look like they have everything to keep them amused too! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Such beautiful pictures and so cute kids! You made that long trip for them as best as could be! I still remember our parents taking us on vacations and saying 'are we there yet' ...
  12. Beautiful pictures. Glad you found a way to keep the kids occupied during the long trip.
  13. Blessie Nelson says
    I am impressed with how you kept your 3 active kids all focused and occupied during the long drive!
    • Hehehe, more like zoned out on the movies. :P Really though I'm so pleased with how well the older two did on our drive. I still remember similarly long drives from my childhood and how difficult it was to be in the car for that long.
  14. David Fultner says
    Zion is beaufull. I wa sthere in 2008.