Get Healthy Detangled Hair with The Wet Brush – Review and Giveaway

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I have two daughters and one of the things I love most about having girls is being able to do their hair.  My 7 year old has long, thick hair and my two year olds hair is still coming in.  Since my baby doesn’t have much hair we mainly stick to cute piggy tails but my older daughter has so much hair and it takes a lot to maintain!  Washing, drying, brushing, and doing it.  I always try to make sure it is pulled up somehow each day because if not it is a tangled mess by the end of the day!  (If only she would stop doing cartwheels every where she went it might not get so messy!) So when I heard about The Wet Brush I knew I had to try it out!

The Wet Brush is a healthy detangling hairbrush with famous “IntelliFlex bristles.”  The bristles’ flexibility enables protective and pain-free detangling.  They are firm enough to comb through knots, yet flexible enough to be gentle on the scalp.  The tips of the bristles even massage the scalp to circulate blood flow! 

Now after reading that I was very excited to try it out and see how it worked on my daughters hair!  The first time we used the brush, she had just gotten out of the shower.  Here is her hair before we used the brush

before using the wet brush

Her hair wasn’t all too messy but I could definitely tell a difference while using the brush. It would glide so nicely through her hair until about the last inch or two.  Then we had to work out the tangles but it was so much nicer than her usual brush.  We were using the squirt brush which was a smaller brush at first but then I switched to the classic and I think it worked better on her hair just because she has such thick long hair.  Here is the after picture of her hair.

hair after we used the wet brush


Her hair was so smooth and detangled and there was no crying!  It was quick and painless for both of us!  I asked my daughter what she thought of the brush and she said it was nice and soft.  She really liked that the bristles were flexible and felt good on her head.

Here is the squirt brush ($6.98) that we used first.  I think it works better on shorter hair so my baby girl gets to use this one now.

Squirt Wet Brush

Check out my daughter using it.  (She loved helping me out with this review!)

Using the squirt Wet Brush

And the Classic ($8.98) that we use all the time now.  It is just a little bigger and works great for her.  It’s not too big for her to use.

Classic Wet Brush

And then check out this cute Pop brush! ($5.98)  This one is perfect for throwing into a bag to take on the go.  It is palm sized and the bristles “pop” back into the base making it a compact brush.  So cute and convenient!

Pop Wet Brush

The brushes from Wet Brush are perfect for everyone!  Men, women, and children!  They can even be used on extensions and wigs!  The Wet Brushs are available in most beauty stores and salons in the U.S. and more than 45 countries!  Over the last four years the Wet Brush has established itself in the U.S. market for professional hairbrushes and is now considered Number One it its class!  And this is their new paddle brush.  ($11.98)  It is amazing!  My favorite brush of all the ones we tried.  It is really nice and brushes out the tangles super quick!  I love how it feels on my scalp!


Paddle Wet Brush

The Wet Brush has great products at great prices so there is something for everyone!  They make many different colors so you can color code a different brush for each member of your family.  So convenient and fun!  Also, if you want to purchase a Wet Brush of your own they are offering free shipping now until June 22nd!  Just enter wbship0 at check out!  You can also check out their instagram page for great hair tips!

But wouldn’t be ever better to get a free Wet Brush of your own?  Well here are a few different ways.  First, every Wednesday you can enter to win one on their facebook page or their twitter pages!  So your going to want to make sure you go check those out.  Or second, you could win all the brushes we tried!?!  That is 7 brushes! 2 pops, 2 squirts, 2 classics and 1 paddle!

Well lucky for you, you can enter to win 7 brushes right here at Oh So Savvy Mom!  That is a retail value of $56!  All you have to do is enter below!  Good Luck!

Giveaway rules: One winner per household, email address or home address. If you have won this prize on another blog you are ineligible to win again. Winners must have a U.S.-based address to receive their prize.


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  1. Colleen Maul says
    This is ideal for long hair. Me and my neice have extremehai hair length and as we brush we cant seem to get our hair fully ringed out so this would help in this process alot. Thumps up.
  2. Wow, this seems ideal for my daughter!
  3. Debbi Wellenstein says
    This looks great for my long hair.
  4. Birdiebee says
    Great review. With have four granddaughter's, these brushes would be perfect for them as well as myself as my hair is down to my waist.
  5. Thanks for the giveaway! I dye my hair and have troubles combing it out after I wash it. I need a good conditioner and then I slowly try to get the tangles out. I would love this. They sound neat.
  6. Laura Miller says
    I love this! I have three girls with long and thick hair! Even my 9 month old has long thick hair. Anything to cut down on the ouches is great!
  7. Nancy Loring says
    I am always up for trying a new hairbrush especially one that works as well as this.
  8. This would be perfect for my girls.
  9. Kathy Luman says
    After reading your review I realize this is what I need for my grand kids hair because after it is wash it is tangled and hard to brush or comb.
  10. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I think I would love this item since it'd save me some time in the morning from hunting down a comb to use especially for detangling wet hair. Great review!
  11. Darlene Carbajal says
    I really want to try this brush! Thanks!
  12. Jennifer M. says
    My 5 year old girl would love this for her tangle prone hair.
  13. cjjmesser says
    My daughter and I both have long hair that is super hard to comb out. I would love to try these!
  14. Dorothy Boucher says
    love these brushes, I know for myself I have to use coconut oil to help with a couple of my grandgirls, when you have 8 grandchildren you need a brush thats going to be gengle and these brushes look like they can handle the job
  15. Jill Myrick says
    Unfortunately my daughter got my extra fine hair when she was born which makes it tangle easily and hard to brush. I would love to try the Wet Brush on our hair to see if it would help. jweezie43[at]gmail[dot]com
  16. wen budro says
    Thank you for the thorough review. It's about time that somebody came up with this product....I'd love to try it.
  17. Cathy Burnett says
    I am 58 years old and I wear my hair shoulder length and all my life I have had tangled hair. I hope to win this brush to see if it will help me out!
  18. Danielle C says
    I'm the only girl in my house with my husband and 3 sons, but I have super LONG THICK hair. I think this would be great for me. It would probably even help with the damage a lot of us cause by forcing brushes through our hair.