Pile on the Veggies with Disney’s Maleficent at Subway! + Giveaway

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Thanks to Subway for sending us gift cards for our Pile on the Veggies challenge!

My family is on a mission to eat healthier.  If you’re a frequenter of my blog then you’re probably aware that we’re doing our best to make sure our kids are leading happy, healthy lives.

Getting kids to eat veggies can sometimes be a monumental task.  Even in my house, where vegetables are served at two out of our three meals every day, my kids occasionally balk at the idea of veggies in their food.

We’ve found that the surest way to get our boys to eat their veggies, or to try new foods, is to make it fun!

Subway and Disney’s Maleficent have joined forces to get kids excited to Pile on the Veggies!

subway pile on the veggies fresh fit kids meal


One of the easiest ways to #PileOnTheVeggies at SUBWAY is with the Fresh Fit menu; featuring tasty, heart-healthy choices for all ages.  Kids get a special meal of their own, complete with a Fit Mini Sub (piled high with fresh veggies such as cucumbers and spinach), apple slices, and low-fat milk.  Right now you can visit Subway restaurants and your kids will get a cool Maleficent backpack with their Fresh Fit kids meal!

A few ideas to help help reluctant veggie eaters pile on the veggies:

  1. Make it a game! Tell them they have a challenge.  Whoever can pile on more veggies than they usually get wins a prize! (My boys got a movie night for their prize.)
  2. Baby steps. Have them choose just one more veggie than they usually order on their sandwich.  Realize that this “baby step” can be a big step for your reluctant eater.
  3. Use the cool Maleficent backpack as a motivator. You’ve got an easy reward courtesy of Subway and Disney’s Maleficent!

My boys love Subway! Since we generally don’t eat much bread at home, going out to Subway is a treat for them.  Before we went I told them were were going to take a “Pile on the Veggies Challenge“.  The challenge was to add more veggies to their sandwich than they usually order.

Subway Pile on the Veggies Maleficent Challenge


On their ham sandwiches they got: Ham, cheese, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, and (with some encouragement from mom) one bell pepper slice.  <—See what I mean about baby steps. LOL


Subway pile on the veggies sandwich


We took our sandwiches and Fresh Fit meals home to eat and the boys told Daddy all about the veggies they piled on for their challenge. Never underestimate the power of a simple game in getting kids to eat their veggies!

Subway Pile on the Veggies



To help your kids Pile on the Veggies, Subway is giving one lucky reader a $25 Subway gift card and a $50 Fandango gift card!

Must be US resident 18 years or older.


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  1. My tip is to give them a dip they enjoy, like ranch dressing.
  2. We make "veggie fries" - like zucchini fries
  3. When the kids were younger we'd provide "dipping sauce" for raw veggies...usually ranch dressing.
  4. I would tell kids to eat their fruits and veggies and a fun way to eat them is to pretend that they are candy! (: haha it worked for my niece (: lol my email is perezashley60@hotmail.com. I would love to win and I have entered. Thank you(:
  5. Jessie C. says
    I put veggies into smoothie or bread.
  6. sneaking them in to smoothies works every time!
  7. Mami2jcn says
    Use dipping sauces.
  8. My tip is to always provide some sort of dipping sauce. That makes a world of difference for my grandsons!
  9. Margaret Smith says
    I like to add veggies into items like pasta sauce, meatloaf and cassaroles.
  10. Mary Beth Elderton says
    I simply serve veggies...over and over...at every meal.
  11. Denise L says
    It may not work for everyone, but I've found that growing veggies in our home garden has broadened my little guy's veggie horizon. He now happily munches on a spear of asparagus, eats fresh peas like candy, and chomps kale straight from the garden. It's wonderful!
  12. i smother them in cheese!!
  13. Amy Orvin says
    I Bribe them with desserts after
  14. D Schmidt says
    My best tip is offering them at snacks during the day.
  15. My tip is to integrate them into what you are cooking.
  16. Cut veggies in fun shapes and make them presentable to kids. They'll be more likely to enjoy their veggies. Also, a healthy dip made with Greek yogurt and herbs always helps raw vegetables taste better!
  17. Jessica To says
    My tip is to let them dip the veggies in something like ranch.
  18. Julie Lynn Bickham says
    My kids love veggies so I don't need any tricks. But I do try to add veggies into a lot of things from pasta salads to egg omelettes.
  19. steven weber says
    cover them in cheese!
  20. shelly peterson says
    disguise them the best you can.
  21. Maria Malaveci says
    I tell them that they can have dessert after, and I also try and let them cook with me. They are more likely to eat it when they help me.
  22. Seyma Shabbir says
    I make quesadilla with shredded veggies, hamburger with shredded zucchini.
  23. nicole dz says
    When preparing meals at home I always sneak in the veggies in my recipes and they never suspect a thing.
  24. Barbara Montag says
    I blend veggies and add them to soup and pasta sauces. thank you
  25. Cynthia C says
    My tip is to serve them with a healthy dip like hummus or greek yogurt.
  26. Debbi Wellenstein says
    Veggies have always been a part pf the kids' lives since they could eat! I love the idea of sneaking in the veggies, and we also like veggies with hummus
  27. I add veggies to their favorite meals like mac and cheese and meatloaf
  28. Nancy Loring says
    I'm lucky my kids have always liked veggies. I introduced veggies to them at a young age and they have always liked them.
  29. alexis a says
    I don't have kids, but my trick to getting myself to eat veggies is grilling them with great spices :)
  30. Mix it in tomato sauce.
  31. Laura Kathleen says
    Cut them into fun shapes with cookie cutters! Makes veggies a little more appealing!
  32. Stephanie Grant says
    I've been super lucky my son loves his veggies but he does seem to tire of the same ol' same ol' so I present them in a variety of creative ways so that it keeps him interested!
  33. Marti Tabora says
    My best tip is to hide the veggies in casseroles and other dishes.
  34. No tricks to eating veggies. The best thing I have found is to be flexible. Dip (like ranch dressing) helps. Variety helps. One child likes green beans and another likes broccoli. Some times I make a few different veggies so every one has at least one he/she likes to eat. Fixing them up different ways helps also. Grill, roasted, fresh, steamed . . . you get the idea.
  35. I don't have to trick them - they love them more than meat!
  36. Let them help grow veggies in the garden, or help pick them out at the Farmer's Market.
  37. I serve them whatever veggies they like.
  38. Normally my kids have to eat a certain amount or no dessert.
  39. I hide veggies in spaghetti sauce and I also have a spiralizer. The kids love spiralized zucchini and carrots.
  40. Christina Gould says
    My tip is to give them a tiny bit until they can comfortable swallow it without any drama. Then gradually give them more over time. Thanks for the giveaway!
  41. My tip for getting the kids to eat their veggies is to give them something to dip them in!
  42. I would add them to sauces to disguise the veggies.
  43. Eating them myself works.
  44. Some kind of dip or sauce usually works really well.
  45. Tracy Pryor says
    I cut up the veggies really small and mix them in to food he likes.
  46. Cut the veggies in fun shapes and make sure they are seasoned well.
  47. Serve them with a yummy dip or in pasta dishes and they love them.
  48. julie matek says
    I try to make it fun, like put the veggies on the plate as faces, or sing a song jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com
  49. Sweet potatos as french fries. I was lucky my son loved salads, tomatos and celery. He also liked soup with vegetables in it like alphabet soup. My grandson is still very picky but some of everything is still put on his plate and we eat them in front of him! Spaghetti sauce with vegetables in it too is another way to sneak them in.
  50. My tip is to make the plate as colorful as possible because they get excited by the different colored veggies and to also keep the positive reinforcement going every time they finish their veggies or try something new. :)
  51. Natalie Brown says
    Hello! If they don't like vegetables, I would try to put them into sauces or dressings. Cheese sauces and French dressing add flavors they like. Thanks!!
  52. i currently dont have any..my kids are so picky.
  53. I would say roasted veggies. So yummy!
  54. Dorothy Boucher says
    my tip is to have a vegi platter, and/ or I usually have some sort of cheese melt or dip or seasoned vegi's
  55. Leigh Anne Borders says
    I try to make it fun by dressing it up with sauces or using Pinterest as a guide to making characters our of them. I can find all kinds of ideas on Pinterest.
  56. lisa peterson says
    I usually remind them that most taste much better than they look. They get to try it plain, then a sauce of their choice is added.
  57. Colleen Boudreau says
    Hide them!
  58. Cheryl B. says
    I try to eat all veggies as I encourage my children to do the same..
  59. Janice Cooper says
    Bribe them with dessert :)
  60. Make 2-3 veggies available with every meal so the kids can try different kinds and find out what tastes good to them.
  61. courtney b says
    cover them in salt and pepper or lots of butter!
  62. wen budro says
    Ranch dressing, fun shapes and blending them into smoothies.
  63. I smother them in cheese!
  64. Sandra VanHoey says
    I really didn't have a difficult time with them eating veggies. They had a hard time with broccoli but that was it, they said they were trees and wouldn't eat it.
  65. My tip...was for us to make a small mini garden this year! Carter is so proud of his vegetables...and we have been buying more of them until they are ready! He is really getting in to it and has to check them every morning to see how they grew! So much fun! His favorite right now is cherry tomatoes! He can sit down and eat a whole container full if we let him! He cannot wait for them to ripen on our plant!
  66. Brian E. says
    Thanks for the giveaway...our strategy with our kids was not to make a big deal about it, we introduced small amounts of various fruits / vegetables over time to our kids at meals and they developed their own likes / dislikes of the offerings. Today our kids eat a healthy variety of vegetables & fruits, but each of our girls has her dislikes as well; one doesn't like cauliflower, pears, or okra, the other won't eat beets or strawberries.
  67. My kids like them better roasted, it really gives them a better flavor!
  68. I like to put them in muffins and smoothies.
  69. Sherry Jones says
    My son has always enjoyed eating steamed veggies. However he loves eating raw veggies on his sandwiches.
  70. Blend them and put them in spaghetti sauce, soups smoothies
  71. Cassandra Eastman says
    I let my children choose a couple vegetables while we are shopping, and let them help in the kitchen. Also if i'm eating it , then they want to as well :)
  72. Cheryl Abdelnour says
    I would put extra vegies in soups and stews.
  73. We usually hide them in the foods that they already love to eat... can't tell the difference for sure.
  74. Stephanie Phelps says
    I don't have to worry to much about my kids eating their veggies they eat almost any I put in front of them!
  75. Rebecca Parsons says
    I like to mix veggies in the favorite foods. They don't even notice them there.
  76. Blend them up and add them in where ever you can hide them. My son is so picky I'm probably not the best person to give tips in this area lol.
  77. I would diced very small and add to the meal so they could not taste it
  78. Stephanie says
    I get them to eat their veggies a lot of times by hiding them in their food. My son loves my banana bread, but he doesn't know it's zucchini bread with bananas added. :)
  79. Taby Sid says
    I have triplets and a 5 year old daughter, all girls!!! I have struggle with my toddler for eating veggies which she totally ignores. She used to eat everything but now , not so much! I found the way of juicing veggies so that she can get needed nutrition but being with 7 month old triplets, it's not always as easy.... So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and keep trying
  80. richelle bowers says
    I don't really have a tip....they don't have a choice lol
  81. Jill Myrick says
    Fortunately my children prefer vegetables over meat so I keep a salad made at all times and offer them one at lunch and dinner. jweezie43[at]gmail[dot]com
  82. Susan Smith says
    I hide them in other foods.
  83. I guess i am lucky because my kids just love veggies
  84. Deb Christie says
    Some veggies can be pureed and incorporated into other foods like sauces and soups.
  85. janetfaye says
    My children are grown and they liked most vegetables. I used to let them pick out fresh vegetables when I went grocery shopping.
  86. I usually pour cheese on the veggies to get them to eat them.
  87. Diane Cooper says
    My best tip is to just make them easily accessible. I keep clear bowls of raw vegetables cut up and at eye level in my refrigerator.
  88. Daniel M says
    you can put veggies in anything if you cut them small
  89. Laurie Emerson says
    My best tip is to make the veggies look fun to eat like making them into shapes or creating a happy face with them on their plate.
  90. Chris Martinez says
    Tossing a few veggies into a fruity smoothie is a quick way to do it!
  91. Courtney says
    put them in the food processor to make as small as possible before adding to recipes.
  92. Lorena Keech says
    They have always been a part of daily meals and so the kids ate them as a matter of course.
  93. My advice is to chop them up so they cannot recognize that they are vegetables. Especially when you make sauces hide them in there. Discreet is the name of the game.
  94. Crystal F says
    I don't really have a tip. I've found that as they get older they are more likely to try new foods. My oldest has started eating a few more veggies that she wouldn't when she was younger. I hope my youngest also does this. Thank you!
  95. Amanda Sakovitz says
    spices and some butter
  96. Kimberley Thomas says
    They ask for SUBWAY!
  97. Kimberly Bauer says
    If I put cheese on the veggies the kids almost always eat them.
  98. Terry Maigi says
    My trick is to cook/mix them into her favorite foods! She doesn't seem to notice them then
  99. Tanya White says
    My kids love veggies, but if I had to make them eat them I would add cheese or ranch dressing to them.
  100. I give my kids ranch dressing to dip their veggies in and they eat them readily
  101. I put cheese on veggies!
  102. I'm pretty lucky that my kids will eat veggies. I know a lot of people who use vegan dessert recipes to get their kids to unknowingly eat veggies. Whatever works for ya!
  103. Thomas Murphy says
    Tell them they can have ice cream later if they eat there veggies.
  104. Randi C. says
    My trick is to serve the veggies with soy sauce and plenty of brown rice, and call it "Chinese food." Worked every time!
  105. Cheryl Reinhardt says
    I tell them how important veggie's are and how when I was little Popeye made us eat our Spinach....LOL
  106. Angela Ash says
    You have to lead by example - It's easier to get kids to eat veggies if you eat them too.