A Look at My Dream Kitchen

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I’ve come a long way since my first “grown-up” kitchen. And it has been years since I began building my dream kitchen in my mind.

When my husband and I were first married we moved into a tiny 500 square foot apartment.  Our apartment, a fourplex was built in the 1920’s and had hardly been updated since.  The apartment was heated by hot water radiators–there was no air conditioning–and the bathroom sink had one faucet for cold water and a separate faucet for hot water.

The kitchen, out of necessity, had been minimally updated since it’s inception.  There was a small refrigerator, an old gas stove with an oven that heated our entire apartment (bad news in the summer months) and a sink. We didn’t lament the fact that we didn’t have a dishwasher because, with just the two of us, we didn’t have that many dishes anyway.

We have long since moved from that apartment, and now I can’t even imagine what my kitchen would look like if I didn’t have a dishwasher.  We’ve lived in several houses since then, and in each there are things I loved about the kitchens and things that drove me absolutely batty.  For example, our current kitchen has a fairly sleek, clean look (well, it does when I clean all the clutter off my counters), but the cupboard and drawer space is ridiculously poorly designed and inadequate for a house of its size.

In the years since our first kitchen I’ve been mentally planning my dream kitchen for the day when we (hopefully) will build a house of our own.

I would love for it to look something like this…

Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets #01


If money weren’t an obstacle here are some of the features I’d love my kitchen to have.

  1. A large, built-in refrigerator.
  2. Drawer dishwashers with custom panels that allow them to blend in with the kitchen cupboards.
  3. A large copper or fireclay farmhouse sink.
  4. A long kitchen island with a sink and prep area.
  5. Glass paneled upper dish and china cupboards.
  6. A walk-in pantry.
  7. Storage.  Lots and lots of storage for dishes, appliances, and whatever else I decide to keep in my kitchen.
  8. Windows! I love being able to enjoy the outdoors while I do the dishes.
  9. Double wall ovens.
  10. An eat-in area.
  11. A large, easy to clean gas cooktop.

I’m not sure we’ll ever have the kind of money it would take to build this kitchen of mine, but a girl can dream, right?

You can see more of my dream home and kitchen features on my Pinterest board.

What features do you dream of having in your kitchen one day?

Thanks so much to PartSelect for running such a fun writing contest and giving me the inspiration for this post!



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  1. shelly peterson says
    Your dream kitchen is absolutely beautiful! There are so many awesome options for kitchens these day that I would know where to start. I hope someday you are able to have your dream kitchen! :)
  2. Rebecca Parsons says
    I love this definitely something I like too. I love the contemporary look, mixed with country.
  3. Julie Wood says
    Every feature you described here is what I want in a kitchen too. My kitchen is too small. I like to have a farmhouse sink, and I would love to have a dishwasher that blends in to the kitchen area. A big center island is what I need, and a lot of home grown spices for all of my dishes.
  4. I love your idea of a dream kitchen! The kitchen in the photo is so wonderful! If money were no object I'd look at million dollar houses and magazine for ideas, I like the look of a European farmhouse!
  5. Nicole Dz says
    I would love to have a big kitchen like this, are kitchen feels like its closed in and crowded. And the farmhouse sink would be a dream. Gorgeous photo! Now that is a dream kitchen!
  6. I would love to have all that shelf and drawer room. Do you know when we were moving into our home I was putting away dishes and realized there was not a single drawer in the kitchen. Who doesn't need a drawer for at least silverware???
  7. Janet W. says
    Wow what a kitchen!! Just the space in there is amazing! I'd love to have that extra countertop space for preparing meals.
  8. That's a beautiful kitchen, but my dream kitchen would the one with the build-in seating you have pinned on your board. Simple yet cozy.
  9. I just want more room. Two people in my kitchen bump rumps a lot.
  10. it is wonderful to dream!! beautiful kitchen
  11. Christina Kelbel says
    Very nice! I love the island and I would also need a large walk-in pantry.