#LetsTalkBums, Shall We? Clean Bum 101

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lets talk bums

Having been a mom for almost 7 years, I’m no stranger to talking about bums. After changing hundreds of diapers, wiping bums hundreds of times, and talking to your friends about the various types of poop your child is having, most of the taboo factor wears off.  And, if there was ever any squeamishness about talking about bums left over, my 3 boys, who’s every third word is “bum”, “poo” or “pee”,  have long since cured me of that!

Cottonelle CleanCare Toilet Paper and FreshCare Flushable Wipes

It was actually my stepmom who first turned me onto using Cottonelle FreshCare flushable wipes on a family vacation seven years ago. I had just had a baby three weeks prior, and let me tell you, those Cottonelle flushable wipes were a lifesaver bum saver. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

We’ve been regular users ever since.  With a big family vacation coming up tomorrow(!!!) we’ll be packing up the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and the on-the-go Cottonelle Fresh Care flushable wipes for our trip.  The Cottonelle® Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths On-The-Go Soft Packs feature SafeFlush Technology, so they not only offer you a confident clean but also start to break down immediately after flushing.

Cottonelle CleanCare toilet paper and Cottonelle FreshCare flushable wipes are the perfect wet/dry bathroom combo.  The FreshCare flushable cleansing cloths leave you feeling shower-fresh clean and the CleanCare toilet paper is both strong and soft.  Used together they’re the ultimate cleaning combo for the whole family.

Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Wipes

I generally keep Cottonelle flushable wipes in my diaper bag or purse while out and about. We all know how terribly inadequate public restroom toilet paper is (don’t even get me started on gas station toilet paper!).   Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths On-The-Go Soft Packs are available in discrete and modern packs that fit in your pocket or purse.  In the past I’ve put our Cottonelle wipes in a travel baby wipe container, but now that they come in these super convenient and compact on-the-go travel pouches they take less than half the amount of room they used to in my bag. Never leave home without these!!! Seriously, get some!  You’ll thank me.

Now I’m armed and ready, bring on the rest stop and gas station bathrooms!

Don’t forget to pick up some Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and Cottonelle Fresh Care on-the-go flushable wipes next time you hit the store or you’ll be bummed. *cough-bad pun!*

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Have you ever used the wet/dry combo on the go?  What did ya think?




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  1. nicole dz says
    I love the cottonelle flushable wipes. They have been a huge life savor for using on my kids. I've avoided a lot of messes with these.
  2. shelly peterson says
    These would be great for on the go and for little ones, especially when they first start to potty train. I will have to give these a try.
  3. Dorothy Boucher says
    lol i have gone through that so many times already and will be going through that soon again, and yes lots of wipes and tissues at hand hehe , thanks for share
  4. Amy Orvin says
    We love using Cottonelle and the wet / dry combo is amazing. I always feel clean using both together.
  5. Julie Wood says
    I have used the Wet dry combo and I think that the Cottonelle flushable wipes are a genius invention. They work so well and I like Cottonelle toilet paper for how soft it is!
  6. The flushable wipes are awesome to have especially wit hthe younger kids. It makes it so much easier both during the wipes & then disposing of them afterwards.