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Like most people in today’s economy I try to make financially wise decisions when shopping for our family.  Shopping for healthcare products is no different.  In fact, because of how costly healthcare is it becomes even more important for me to be a savvy consumer.

When I heard about the Target Pharmacy program my interest was piqued.

The Target Pharmacy Rewards program is super simple.  I can never keep up with rewards programs where you have to keep track of how many rewards points you have, and then redeem them during certain dates.  I just don’t have the time (or the organizational prowess) to keep up with that.

Target’s Pharmacy Rewards fit this busy mama so much better.  After just 5 prescription fills you get 5% off a whole day of Target shopping (in-store and online)!  How cool! And, those 5 prescriptions include vaccinations so if you’ve got little kids like I do you’ll be earning that 5% reward enough to totally rationalize your Target spending habits.  –‘Cause I know I’m not the only one who walks into a Target store with 3 things on my shopping list and leaves with 20 things in my cart! All good things, all good things.  😛

Because Target knows I have much better things to spend my money on, they offer hundreds of $4 Target generic Prescriptions and a price match guarantee.  Money saved!  Score!  Didn’t I tell you I am a savvy consumer?!   I can just drop off my prescription at the Target Pharmacy counter and then get all my shopping done because Target will just send me a text when my prescription is ready to pick up!  So much easier than waiting around or checking back half a dozen times to see if my prescription is done yet!

I shop at Target, I love Target (obviously), but I have to admit I’ve never had a prescription filled at the Target Pharmacy.  However, the fact that they are ranked “highest in customer satisfaction with mass merchandiser pharmacies” by J.D Power tells me that, perhaps, I ought to “Flip my Script” (transfer my prescriptions).   Thankfully, they make it easy to “Flip Your Script” in-store, online, or on your smartphone.

You can learn more about the Target Pharmacy Program and find out how easy it is to Flip the Script at this links.


Target is giving one Oh So Savvy Mom reader a $50 Target gift card!

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  1. Julie W. says
    I really like receiving 5% off a day of Target shopping after filling five eligible prescriptions! And I can Add other people to your account to accrue rewards faster! This is such a great deal.
  2. i like the online tools to keep track of my prescriptions
  3. shelly peterson says
    I like the reward program they have. Any savings sure helps.
  4. steven weber says
    I like that they pay you a percentage back every time you use it.
  5. Marti Tabora says
    I like that you can add other people to your account to accrue rewards faster. I think it's a great idea.
  6. Rebecca Parsons says
    I like that you can add people to earn rewards faster.
  7. Amy Orvin says
    I like the online tools to track my progress
  8. Cassandra Eastman says
    I like that they offer rewards, and that it's really convenient!
  9. Cheryl B. says
    I like that you get 5% off shopping.
  10. Priscilla S. says
    I love that the rewards program lets you earn 5% off in store or online for the entire day.
  11. I'm keen on that you can increase people for your requirements to be able to accumulate incentives more rapidly. I believe it’s recommended.
  12. Susan Smith says
    I like that you can add other people to your account to accrue rewards faster.
  13. RICHARD HICKS says
    I learned that you can Add other people to your account to accrue rewards faster
  14. jenn huey says
    You can Access online tools to track your progress and keep your information up to date
  15. christina moore says
    I like that After just 5 prescription fills you get 5% off a whole day of Target shopping
  16. I like that after 5 eligible prescrition fills, you get 5% off on shopping! What could be more fun??!!