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When I was pregnant with my first child I was so looking forward to motherhood. I thought, you got this. I had plenty of experience with babies and children.

I’d already changed hundreds of diapers over my lifetime, wiped countless snotty noses. I was skilled in the parental Ninja art of the stealth sneak-out–patting a fussy baby to sleep in their crib and after several minutes finally, removing your hand from their back and sneaking out without the baby noticing you’re gone.

In many ways I was a lot more prepared than many of my friends were as they had babies. But nothing could’ve prepared me for the full reality of motherhood.

I had no idea the agony, exhaustion, and sheer frustration that a mother can experience when she listens to her colicky baby scream for hours upon end without being able to do anything to assuage his discomfort.

Mom and baby sleeping - motherhood

Nothing could’ve prepared me for how difficult breastfeeding would be. I can’t tell you how many nights, and days, and mornings I shed tears of desperation and defeat.  After 10 painful weeks I went out and bought the best breastpump I could afford (a single electric pump) and started pumping exclusively.

No matter what your circumstances, difficulties, or blessings, motherhood his HARD.  And, because we yearn to give our children the best and be the best moms we can be, we are often too hard on ourselves.  Sometimes, when we’re on the verge of tears, when the house is a wreck, when we feel like we are just barely staying afload, we need to take a step back and repeat to ourselves,

You’re doing OK


My younger sister, Karlyn, has been such a great example to me this past year. My sister and her husband had 4 kids of their own when they decided they would open their home to foster children.  They are one of those families who is always giving of themselves and trying to make the world around them a better place.  Last September they welcomed 2 foster girls–sisters–into their home.  The younger was just 8 days old.  My sister was 5 months pregnant with her 5th child at the time.  I can’t even imagine how difficult some of her days must be.  Her example often gives me the strength to get through my own difficult days while my husband is gone.

mom dancing with her son

Dancing with her oldest son


I know she has been stressed out and exhausted beyond belief, but she has been so positive about everything.  She gives all her children–biological and foster–the love that they need and deserve.  To her I want to say especially,  You’re doing okay.  Even on those days when you look around you and despair that your house is a wreck, there are dishes in the sink from yesterday, mountains of laundry waiting to be folded, pipes springing leaks right and left, even then, You’re doing OK.  (Love you, Kar!)

Is there a special mom in your life that you would love to reassure and let them know, “You’re doing OK”?


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  1. Thanks for the good word! I need to tell myself this often.
  2. Motherhood IS hard! Especially those first few months when you think you're doing everything wrong! I always try my best to tell every new mom I meet that they are doing a great job! Even with a two year old, I still need to hear these words myself! OH! And that video..... tears.... lots and lots of tears!
  3. OMGosh this post totally has me sitting here crying. I was like you, I grew up with my mom in daycare so I grew up taking care of babies. I was babysitting kids when I was in 5th grade. I was a PRO! Until I had my own. Now only did I not comprehend the exhaustion, I failed at breastfeeding. My 2nd and 3rd had colic. Crazy stuff! On a side note, I'm also teary because of the big heart your sister has. I've been wanting to foster for a long time now... I think it's time to really start looking into it.
  4. I think EVERY mom needs to be reassured at several points throughout Motherhood that 'we're okay!' I babysat as a "career" when I was in high school and even through college and definitely thought "I got this" when I had babies. BOY what did I know? :) What a great post to remind us!! We ARE and WILL BE okay! :)