Unique and Memorable Handmade Mothers Day Gifts

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It seems like I’ve gotten in a rut with my Mother’s Day gifts as of late. Handmade Mothers Day gifts are always a hit, but one can only have so many popsicle stick picture frames, you know what I mean?

With Mother’s Day just one week away I went to the all knowing Pinterest to find some classic and some outside the box ideas for this year’s handmade Mothers Day gifts.Handmade Mothers Day Gifts

If you find your self in a Mother’s Day rut, these ideas are sure to spark your interest and get you rolling toward the holiday with excitement. Not to mention it will leave any Mom in your life feeling very loved!


Clay Bead Necklace

Handmade Clay Bead Necklace
I’ve heard love described as a two-way street. And I can promise when your little one sees her crafty work around the neck of a loved one, she will feel loved back.


Custom Bookmark

Handmade Mother's Day gifts - Handprint bookmark
Many Grandmother’s and Moms alike crave a way to freeze time with young ones. While I can’t offer that solution, capturing their tiny handprints is a close second.


Mosaic Garden Ball Ornament

DIY Mosiac Garden Balls - Handmade Mother's Day Gifts
These are easier than they appear and who doesn’t like to bejewel their garden?


Hub Cap Garden

Hupcap Flowers - Handmade Mother's Day Gifts
Now, I know what you’re thinking, it’s not a car part graveyard but a bright and beautiful ornament for your garden beds. The uniqueness of this gift is sure to bring the recipient compliments from jealous neighbors 🙂 Go ahead, check it out here:


Glue Dot Flower Art

Glue Dot Flower Art
Let the kids in your life help you create this adorable art work for a special Mother in their lives. You probably already have most of the supplies needed for this afternoon project. Make it today!


Canvas Photo

DIY Photo Canvas
Always a great idea for Grandma, is a photo to brag about! This is a quick and easy tutorial for gallery style canvas art.


Blooming Handprint Canvas

Handmade Mother's Day gifts - Blooming Handprint Canvas
Blooming Handprint Canvases make perfect handmade Mothers Day gifts for Mom or Grandma.  You can add each of your children’s handprint to a single canvas!
What are your favorite handmade Mothers Day gifts to give?

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  1. I remember as a kid my mom always saying that she would treasure something I made more than something I bought. Of course, I don't still make her present because I don't think something made of popsicle sticks would have the same meaning when I am 30 years old!!!!
  2. shelly peterson says
    These are some really great ideas! I love the Mosaic Garden Ball Ornament and the Blooming Handprint Canvas
  3. the mosaic ball is such a great idea! could put it in the garden
  4. nicole dz says
    WOW these are all very creative gifts and can be given not just for mothers day. I love the painted flower steaks in the yard. Very pretty. I love homemade gifts they are so much more valuable.
  5. Julie Wood says
    These are very nice Handmade Mother's Day Gift Ideas. I like the Mosaic Garden Ball Ornament. It looks so pretty and would be nice out in my Garden. And of course, I always love getting homemade cards.