Father’s Day Gift Ideas + Free Fathers Day Printables

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Father's Day Gift Ideas and Printables Perfect for Dad's Love Language

Did you know, we appreciated Mother’s 58 years before Father’s Day received national holiday status in 1972?  I often wonder why I don’t spend as much time planning and preparing Father’s Day as I do a month earlier.

My mom always let us know it was coming, leaving us hints so we know what she wanted.  My Dad?  He always said the same thing, ‘I don’t need anything.’ I never had ideas of what to get him, so I usually just made him a card or went in together with a sibling that did have an idea.

I have similar problems finding gifts for my husband. I know what he wants but I also know what we can (and can’t) afford. Last year I used my trusty Pinterest to give me ideas, I chose a basket full of goodies re-labeled with cute printables. He opened it and gave the appropriate oohs and aaahs, but I clearly had missed the mark.

This year, I remembered a book we had read when we were first married, The 5 Love Languages. Normally, the theory is used on a regular basis to keep relationships healthy, but I think there is absolutely a place for it in holidays such as this. I’ve got the right gift picked out for my husband this year and you can too!

Rethink your Father’s day gift ideas this year. Put down the tie and pause the printables, hold onto your love coupons, cards and hugs!

What does the father in your life really want? Well, that depends on language he speaks. Meaning, whether he speaks Quality time, Words of Affirmation, Service, Gifts or Physical touch, he will prefer different gifts.

First let’s figure out which of those gifts will have the most impact on your loved one.  I recommend sitting down with your spouse and each completing this quiz.  It will give you both an idea of which love language you each speak.   I recently took the quiz and actually learned a few things about myself.  Not only will this quiz help you in your gift, but it will also help you in your relationships (and who doesn’t want that, right?).

Take the Quiz Here — go ahead, I’ll wait.

You’re back – Now that you have a good idea what love language your man speaks, here are some fail-proof suggestions for this holiday and many more!  Don’t forget to take advantage of the Free Fathers Day printables I’ve linked to and the one I created below!

Father’s Day Ideas for His Love Language


Words of Affirmation

  • Handwritten Cards
  • Collect letters from friends and family
  • Fill a jar with reasons why he’s loved
  • Create a slideshow showcasing his talents/qualities
  • Give a toast

Free *Compliment* Printable


Quality Time

  • Spend the day together
  • Turn off the phone and T.V.
  • Plan an outing, hike or picnic
  • Participate in his hobbies
  • Run errands together

Free coupons from kids


Physical Touch

  • Love coupons from kids for hugs and back rubs
  • Love coupons from wife (*wink*)
  • Give him a Father’s Day Bear Hug
  • Sit close and watch the big game with him

Free printable coupons from wife — Scroll to the end of the post for the free printable


Acts of Service

  • Wash the car
  • Repair something around the house
  • Cook dinner
  • Gift a few months with a lawn-care/pool maintenance company
  • Exchange chores

Free coupon book


Receiving Gifts

  • Give a tie 🙂
  • Frame a photo from a special time
  • Support his hobbies with a needed item
  • Surprise him with a ‘wish-list’ splurge
  • Gift certificate for future special occasions


 Click the Picture to Print Your Free Father’s Day Printable CouponsFree Fathers Day Printable



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