6 Tutorials for Cleaning Your Appliances – Spring Cleaning How-To Guide

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In the midst of all the Spring Cleaning posts it’s important not to forget some of the most important tools in your house – your appliances! Cleaning appliances is a vital part of Spring Cleaning.
Did you know that your washing machine needs to be cleaned occasionally?  Or, how about that smell coming from your dishwasher?  Want to know how to clean your refrigerator super quick and easy?
how to clean your appliances
Cleaning appliances will do more than just make your house look spic and span, it will actually extend the life of your appliances.
I’ve compiled a great check list covering all the basic but essential appliances in our homes that can buildup residues and other less than desirable things through the year.


Let’s start with your laundry room


Washing Machine


How to clean your washing machine
If you’re like me, you’ve washed some pretty gunky stuff. And that’s all exiting via small holes in the drum of the washer. Love Pomegranate House has a great tutorial on How To Clean Your Washing Machine to make sure it is not slowed down by any buildup.

Clothes Dryer

How to clean your dryer
Now that our clothes are clean, it’s time to dry them!  Is air flowing through your lint catcher? Are you sure? One Good Thing by Jillee has put together a Clothes Dryer tune-up that removes all lint and fabric softener residue.


Now let’s move to the kitchen.


Stove Top Grates


how to clean your gas stove grates
Each type of stove comes with its set of pros and cons. Gas stoves, particularly, have me pulling my hair out. The grates unavoidably get gunked up and it seems no amount of cleaner of muscle takes it off – until now. Pinching Your Pennies has solved that problem with, count them, 1 ingredient.  Read how to clean your gas stove grates the easy, no mess way here.




How to clean your dishwasher
After following this tutorial once, I can bet you’ll be cleaning your dishwasher a lot more. It’s truly eye opening what can build up in a short amount of time. Trust me on this one, you don’t want to skip this.  Click here for how to clean your dishwasher.




how to clean your fridge
How often are you cleaning your fridge? No, not the handprints on the doors. Experts  say, aside from spills and spoilage cleaning, you should be washing and wiping it down 4 times a year.
Here is a simple, top to bottom tutorial on how to clean your fridge to almost new-like levels from Passionate Penny Pincher.


And just for kicks I thought I’d throw one more in there:
 If you have a Dyson vacuum, here is a fantastic tutorial on how to clean your Dyson vacuum.


Hopefully these tips for cleaning your appliances will help you get your home in tip top shape for Spring!

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  1. I definitely need to try the ammonia trick on our gas stove grates. I don't see a link to How to clean a Dishwasher. (Maybe I missed it) Thanks for this list!
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  4. GREAT tips!! Thank you; i am pinning this
  5. shelly peterson says
    Thanks for sharing these great cleaning tips, I definitely do not clean the inside of my fridge as often as I should.
  6. Janet W. says
    These are all great tips! I really need to do a major cleaning in the kitchen!