Teach Important Words and Concepts with these Toddler Sorting Games

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My youngest, who just turned two, has been a little slower to reach most developmental stages.  She didn’t walk until 18 months.  She just turned 2 and is finally starting to say about 5-10 words–average for a 2 year old is 50 words.  She is no where near there yet.  The words she does use are mostly just the beginning sounds and she doesn’t use them in the right context yet.  Her language mostly consists of me saying a word, and then sometimes she will repeat it.

Because of this, we were referred by our pediatrician to get some extra help for our daughter?  I’m both relieved and hopeful.  The more help we can get now, the better for her later!

One of my daughter’s favorite games to play in her program is this cute little sorting game.  It is so simple and easy for even young toddlers, but it is lots of fun!  Plus with this one game you accomplish a couple different ways to play.

To play the Toddler Sorting Games you’ll need just a few things:

  • 6 tin muffin tin – I found one at the dollar store (You can use a muffin tin from your kitchen but only sort in 3-6 of the compartments.  If you use all the tins it can be too overwhelming)
  • Colored sorters – You can use colored pom poms also from the dollar store or these counting bears I found on Amazon.

counting bears

You could also use something like colored mini marshmallows or fruit loops but we had a hard time sorting them because they were all getting eaten to quick!

Play the Toddler Sorting Games!

To begin, put a different color item (whatever you’re using) in each muffin tin cup.

one in each compartment

Next, hand your child one sorter at a time and ask your toddler to find the match.  If they get it wrong just say “nope, try again!” You might have to help for the first few times tell they figure it out.

muffin tin sorting game for toddlers

Continue sorting them one by one until they are all full!

toddler color sorting game

Once your child can match up all the colors than you can continue the play while teaching them new things.  Here are two different ways to play.

Variations of the Toddler Sorting Game

Offer Options

For this toddler sorting game you’ll set it up the same as before with one sorter in each tin compartment.  Next you hold up two different colors, one in each hand.  Example: one red and one blue.  You then ask “Do you want the red?” (and show it to them) “Or the blue?” (and then show that one).  Let them pick, and have them try to say the color once the pick one.  Then they can match it up like in the first game.

Color Names

With this toddler sorting game we are teaching colors.  Set it up the same as the previous games.  This time you can offer the child a whole bowl of sorters and ask “find the green.”  Once they find the green one have them match it all up with the green in the muffin tin.  Repeat with various colors until the muffin cups are full.  If the child picks the wrong color just say “nope, try again!” until they get the correct color.

With these three different variations you can help your child to 1) recognize the differences with the colors, 2) be able to say the names, and 3) then finally doing it all on their own!

I know this is a simple game but my toddler has so much fun and it is an easy way to teach toddlers colors and words.  I think it would also be fun to try with different objects like dinosaurs and cars mixed together.

Have you played any fun games to teach your child concepts and words? I’d love to hear what worked for you!




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