Our trip to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science!

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Hey all! I’m back!  Ya miss me?

The family and I took an impromptu weekend vacation to Dallas, Texas.  I have an aunt there who I hadn’t seen for over a year.  She travels a lot so we packed up the kids and headed over for a little visit while she was in town.

She took us to some of the funnest places in Dallas and we had a wonderful time!

First we visited the HUGE Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.  It was amazing!  The Perot Museum has 5 floors with 11 permanent exhibits about science, prehistory, birds, and lots more.  We only had a couple hours to spend there so we only just scratched the surface of what the Perot Museum has to offer.

We started our visit with the creepy, crawly Bugs! 3D show.  The boys were enthralled.  Then we toured a couple of the exhibit halls.  I just have to say how surprised and relieved I was to find that the Perot Museum has privacy areas for nursing moms throughout the museum!  Thanks, Perot Museum, for thinking of we nursing mamas!

Here are some fun pictures from our visit to the dinosaur exhibit at the Perot Museum.

Perot Museum, travel, Dallas, Texas


On the bottom floor of the Perot Museum is a small, but cute children’s museum complete with my boys’ favorite children’s museum feature–a grocery store/farmer’s market!

perot museum, children's museum, Dallas Texas



The museum has tons of activities for kids and families throughout the week, including.  They even have homeschool programs!

The museum can get pretty crowded–we had to wait 2 hours before we could get into the exhibit area–so, if you’re going on a weekend, it is a good idea to call ahead of time and check the crowd situation.

Visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science website for hours, directions and admission prices.


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  1. Lisa Gonzalez says
    So jealous! Oh I wanna take my kids there so bad. We live in the area and my husband wants to get a family season pass. Looks like so much fun.
    • It is totally worth it! We live in Shreveport and have a pass our local museum here, the Sci-Port. It got us in to the Perot too! If you do get a season pass it will be good at a lot of other museums across the country. :)
  2. Charlene says
    I don't live in your area but the museum sounds amazing. We go to the Science Center in our town and have been in several across the country. We love going. If we ever get to your area we will definitely check it out. Thanks for the review.
  3. I love the Science Museum locally and always find something new when I go. This one sounds fabulous!
  4. Sandy Cain says
    Sounds fabulous! I've been to the Smithsonian in DC, and always went every year with school to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. You can spend WEEKS in all these great places, and still there's more to see. And how awesome they accomodate nursing moms - never had anything like that when my daughter was a baby. (BTW...I'd skip the bug show...yuck!!!!!) : )
  5. When I think back to going to museums as a child I always wish I had been more appreciative of what I was looking at. As a kid you cannot really grasp that you are looking at bones from 100 million years ago.
    • Totally! I'm like, "Wow, can you believe that these bones walked the earth millions of years ago!?" They're like, "Yeah, cool, Mom. Next!" Ah well, maybe we can appreciate those memories in hindsight.
  6. shelly peterson says
    What an amazing place to visit. My son would love this place.
  7. wow.... 5 stories! We don't have anything close to that caliber anywhere close to us. I know that was amazing...
  8. I love the little smile/grin on your child as you are holding him. So cute! Thanks for sharing. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. kids love checking things out and hands on. Love the pictures.
  9. Nicole Dz says
    When my family travels this is a must have to visit a science center/museum. I love that my kids can be hands on and learn a lot. We always have so much fun doing these activites.
  10. Julie Wood says
    I sure would love to take my family to see the Perot Museum and look at all the wonderful sites. It looks like you had a fun time. Five Stories of exhibits is amazing. Our museum is so small.
  11. Stephanie says
    how fun! cute pics! :)
  12. Janet W. says
    This would be the perfect place for my two young grandsons to visit! They would be fascinated by those bones!
  13. This sounds like a wonderful museum, but I can't imagine waiting 2 hours with little ones, good thing to know when it isn't crowded! Cute pictures!!!
  14. Christina G. says
    I can't imagine waiting two hours to get into a museum, but it sure does look like fun. Thanks for sharing!
  15. We will have to visit the museum
  16. We have a great museum of Nature and Science here in Denver. I've been going there for over 60 years.