Laundry Tips for Sensitive Skin + Vaska Laundry Detergent – Review

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We found out fairly early on that Baby Z has sensitive skin.

baby rash, laundry detergent for sensitive skinPoor baby!

Because of Baby Z’s sensitive skin I’ve had to make sure that we use only the most gentle laundry detergent. Over the years of using various laundry detergents for my babies and kids with sensitive skin, I’ve learned that the cleaner the detergent rinses, the less residue is left, the better.

If you have family members with sensitive skin there are a few important adjustments you can make to your laundry routine.

Laundry Tips for Sensitive Skin

Laundry Tips for Sensitive Skin

  1. If you have an HE machine, check to see if your washing machine has an Allergen cycle.  Washing clothes in the Allergen cycle will help kill off and fully rinse allergens like dust mites and pet dander.
  2. Skip the fabric softener and opt for wool dryer balls.  Wool dryer balls fluff up your clothes, reduce static, and also reduce the drying time of your clothes.
  3. If your skin is ultra sensitive try adding another rinse cycle.
  4. Make sure you’re using an all natural detergent without harsh soaps, enzymes, and synthetic perfumes.  Vaska is an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin.  (Read my review of Vaska laundry detergent below.)

Vaska Laundry Detergent

Because of Baby Z’s sensitive skin I was very interested in trying Vaska Baby.  Vaska Baby is the latest of the Vaska laundry detergent family.

Vaska One Baby Laundry Tablets have been clinically proven to meet, or beat, leading detergents at removing dirt and stains, while leaving nothing behind. No Stains, residue, toxins, irritants, pollutant or chemicals. Not in your clothes, not in your environment. Nothing harmful left for your skin, or our environment, to absorb.

Vaska laundry detergent, laundry detergent for sensitive skin

Vaska’s formula is made of natural ingredients derived from plants and include essential cleaning agents needed to remove dirt, grime, odors, and stains from your clothes and fabrics.

Vaska laundry detergent is so safe, in fact, that their patent pending formula is clinically tested to clean as well as the leading detergents, yet is pure enough to drink!  LOL, I’m going to just take their word for it on that one.

The Vaska Baby detergent comes in tablets.  This makes them super easy, quick, and convenient to add to your laundry.  The tablets are a little soft so I have several in my package that are in pieces.  I’ll just use these to add in when I am running a really large load.

After being washed, the clothes didn’t have any residual dirty smells.  They simply smelled clean.

I did try washing a load of cloth diapers in my HE machine with 1 tablet of Vaska Baby.  They came out of the washing machine smelling slightly off.  If you’re a cloth diapering parent then you know that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the detergent doesn’t work for cloth diapers.  It most likely meant that I needed an additional 1/2 to 1 full tab of Vaska Baby detergent in the load of diapers.

Since I currently have a washing routine that works really well on our diapers I didn’t want to mess with our current routine and spend several washings and rinsings trying to figure out the detergent sweet-spot.

I also tried out the Vaska One in Lavender and Unscented.  I love the Lavender Vaska One! It gets our clothes so clean and leaves just a hint of lavender scent.

You can purchase Vaska laundry detergent in-store as well as several online retailers including

Do you have any sensitive skin laundry tips?


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  3. My youngest was also very sensitive as a newborn. Good tips!