Get a First Look at the Newest Google Spotlight Stories Buggy Night on the Moto X

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Technology amazes me. Like my children, I am absolutely captivated with the advances that are being accomplished in the tech world. Sometimes this new technology takes me completely by surprise.  Sometimes I feel a bit like this little guy…

Buggy Night, Google Spotlight Stories

…Okay, minus the fleeing for my life part.  I typically tend not to flee from cool new gadgets and technological advances.

In fact, my family and I have totally embraced the most recent marvel that comes to us in the form of Google Spotlight Stories.  An animation wonder, Spotlight Stories are a joint venture by Google and Motorola. Together, they captivate audiences with a first-of-its-kind 360 degree animated adventure designed for Android phones and available exclusively on the Motorola Moto X.

Google Spotlight Stories first wowed users with Windy Day, the tale of a frustrated little mouse who never knew it could be so difficult to put on a hat.  (My boys think “Windy Day” is pretty darn funny.  They always laugh when the little mouse is swept up in the tornado!)

Using the phone like a camera.  The user can move the phone around and explore the animated world created within the Spotlight Story.  Point the phone skyward and you’ll glimpse the animated stars and fireflies in the newest Spotlight Story, Buggy Night.

Spotlight Stories was created by Google-owned Advanced Technologies and Projects group (ATAP), and was built with the help of Oscar-winning former PIXAR animators and children’s book illustrators.  The newest Spotlight Stories chapter, Buggy Night, transforms you into a detective on the case with just a flashlight and a frog in Caldecott-winning illustrator Jon Klassen’s forest.

Just watch….

Doesn’t that look too cute?!

The boys are hooked.  –I mean it is just one little story (maybe 5 minutes long???) how many times can you watch it before you’re bored of it?– A LOT apparently.

Right now my boys average 2-3 times each per day. And they’re still as fascinated as they were day 1.

Now, don’t scurry away after reading this because next week I’m going to reveal a bit more about the fun we’re having with Google Spotlight Stories Buggy Night on the Moto X!

Bugging Out

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You can learn more about Spotlight Stories, read reviews, and download the Motorola Spotlight Player™ here.

Have you seen the Spotlight Stories yet?



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  29. Those bugs are so cute! When technology is used for the right things it can really help our kid's imaginations.
    • I couldn't agree more! My kids aren't couch potatoes, they don't have unlimited screen time, but I am a firm believer that when used right, technology can be a wonderful thing for the mind of a child.
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