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Disclosure: I wrote this blog post as part of a movement by Weight Watchers to encourage people to remember that loving yourself starts with taking care of your health everyday. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own.

For the past year my life has been dedicated to this…

My cute boys


And I really haven’t given much attention to this…

mom and baby #LoveHealthyMe

When I was a kid I was underweight.  Similar to being bullied for being overweight, I was teased, called names, and harassed by older students for being so skinny.  And yet, there was nothing I could do about my weight.

Eventually my weight evened out, but not before I learned that simply being thin or “skinny” is not an indicator of health and fitness.  Just because my genetic makeup makes it such that my body doesn’t hold onto baby weight doesn’t give me a free pass to disregard my overall health and fitness.

And yet, since I was 6 weeks pregnant with Baby Z–that’s over a year and a half, folks!!–I’ve almost completely neglected exercise.  Before getting pregnant with Baby Z I was running 2.5 miles 3-4 days a week.  I’d pack my boys in our Cocoon and they’d cheer me on, urging me to keep going just a few more steps!

Joovy Cocoon x2, jogging stroller #lovehealthyme

All set to go on a run!

I miss those runs!

Yet, despite how much I loved those runs with my boys it has proved very difficult to start up a consistent exercise routine. Really!

I think it is a common mom rut.  We are so wrapped up with all our duties as moms: the constant pleadings, demands, and needs of our children that we basically let ourselves go to pot.

There are some days when I feel like this…

purple minion, despicable me 2

You know, the crazy purple minions in Despicable Me 2. (img credit: my 6 year old)

Then I was reminded that taking care of yourself and being fit doesn’t have to be an all or nothing kind of thing.  Weight Watchers has created a program that helps moms and others get a Simple Start.

And, just so no one feels bad about not being all fitness guru, I’ll just let you know that I took “Simple Start” to heart.

I started with the simple things that I knew I should be doing but just didn’t do:

  1. I increased my water intake.  As a nursing mom I know I’m not drinking enough.  I decided that every time I passed through the kitchen I’d grab a drink of water.
  2. Taking my vitamins.  This is another that I really just needed to take the time to remember to do.  It was such a simple task, but was constantly being pushed out of the way as I tried to be there for my children’s every beck and call.
  3. Playing outside with my kids.  As moms a really easy way to be more active is to play with our kids.  I’m not talking just watch them play, really get down and play with them.  I found I got a lot of cardio and flexibility training just by playing with them for 15 minutes.
  4. I wore my baby and walked.  My baby weighs 20 lbs. So, that makes an extra 20 lbs of weight my muscles are lugging all over creation (and by “creation” I’m talking about Walmart).
  5. Walked with my kids to and from the park.  This one is a double whamie.  I got some vitamin D, exercise, and great time with my kids.

I know I haven’t done anything drastic for my health, but I’m so proud of the Simple Start I’ve made.  And I’m okay with starting simply because, you know what, it is a real confidence boost to know that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

I feel proud that I took these simple steps to get my health and fitness back on track.  Even better, though is that I feel better.  My body feels better and I am more alert during the day.

I’m so glad that Weight Watchers has created the Simple Start program to help give people like me the motivation we need to get on the ball with our health.  Our future selves will thank us for it!

You can check out and follow Weight Watchers at Pinterest, twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What simple things do you to to keep your health and fitness on track?



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  1. You look great! Good for you for taking those baby steps - they all add up, and it gets easier!
  2. I have the same problem. It seems impossible to create a consistant routine when I'm working around everyone else' schedule.
  3. This is terrific. Good for you! I think it's the simple things that make the most difference. The ones that seem to take the biggest effort are the ones most quickly aborted when times get tough.
  4. I need to start finding the time to exercise again too ! I use to do it alllll the time before kids and was soooo dang fit! Good job at taking those steps towards a healthier you! You look fabulous!
  5. I love this! People get so focused on weight that they forget that being unhealthy can happen no matter if you weigh 100 or 1000 pounds. I love your Simple Starts. I moved my vitamins near my toothbrush so I remember to take them every night. I need to drink more water, though! That's always something I'm behind on.
  6. You're awesome!! Sounds like we were on the same wave length today as far as taking simple steps back to fitness. Life with littles has a sneaky way of making mom forget about mom - there is just so much to do in the day. You look like you've found a way to really take care of you!! Xo
  7. Good for you, momma! I'm looking forward to having this baby, so I can start focusing on my again. I'm kind of over the trying to lose weight to look better, and more about losing weight to be healthier for me and my children.
    • Exactly, Hanan! Now that I've hit a certain age I'm much more concerned with improving my health than my looks. I want to have energy to play with my kids and I want to care for my body so I can enjoy my grandkids when that time comes.
  8. you look fantastic!