KidOFit Minimalist Shoes for Kids and Toddlers – Review

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Are you familiar with the term minimalist shoe?  Did you know that there are minimalist shoes for kids and toddlers?

KidOFit Minimalist shoes for kids and toddlers

About 5 years ago The Husband started taking an interest in barefoot running.  I think a lot of his enthusiasm was spurred on by his aching, plantar fasciitis afflicted feet.

The theories behind going barefoot suggest that our feet are built to strike on the ground a certain way when we walk and run.  However, with the innovation of cushioned soled running shoes our feet and the muscles in them have lost their natural strength.  Padded shoes change our foot strike and leave important foot muscles weak, thus exposing us to injury and a myriad of foot, leg, and back pains.

In recent years we’ve heard that we need to go back to our barefoot roots not just in adulthood when we find our feet injured and week, but in infancy when those little tiny feet are beginning to support little bodies.

Medical experts say that walking barefoot is best for baby, however barefoot is not always possible in modern society.  We want to protect our little ones’ feet while still providing the optimum development environment.

KidOFit has designed such a shoe.  KidOFit minimalist shoes for kids and toddlers are designed specifically to foster healthy foot, leg, and hip development in babies, toddlers, and young children.

KidOFit® shoes were created by Ron Bar, PhD in Biomedical Engineering who has been developing innovative foot-care products over 20 years. Before KidOFit®, Ron was the founder and president of Orthofeet, Inc., a leading company in the orthopedic shoe and foot orthotics business.

After selling his part in Orthofeet, Ron’s daughters – who have had difficulties finding well-fitted shoes for their kids – suggested that he should use his expertise in foot biomechanics and shoe design to develop high-quality shoes for kids. Ron took the challenge seriously, and created innovative shoes, which are designed to promote healthy foot development in infants and toddlers.

KidOFit sent me the KidOFit Troy shoe in Blue.  Check out my review in the video below.

Little Brother is so proud of his KidOFits! He actually took them to show and tell at preschool the first day he had them.

KidoFit minimalist shoes transparent soles

I love that I can feel confident that my child’s shoes are fostering good foot development while still looking super stylish.

KidoFit barefoot shoes for kids

You can learn more about KidOFit shoes, barefoot and minimalist shoes for kids and babies, and purchase KidOFit shoes at

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Update: I just wanted to let you know that I love these shoes so much I ordered a pair for my one year old!  Thanks KidOFit for making great kids’ shoes!


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  1. Love these. Hate socks, and I'm always asking my kids to put there socks on first. So neat that you can see there toes on the soles!
  2. These are awesome! And the see through bottom is GENUIS!!!
  3. Ok, these look really cool!! I think they would be perfect for warmer weather!
  4. Ah, these are SO cute and stylish. I need to look into these for my son who really needs some new shoes.
  5. The see through feature is awesome! I always feel like I'm just guessing .
  6. Melinda Stephens says
    These would be perfect for my son. He can't stand shoes with stiff soles and even the Stride Rites are a bit too stiff for him.
  7. The advantage of these shoes is that these gives the same feeling as walking in bare foot. This is mainly because of the ventilation it provides.