Sweet Heart Ponytail for Valentine’s Day – Hair Tutorial

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Sweet Heart Ponytail

Valentine's Day hairstyle for little girls - Sweet Heart Ponytail

With Valentines Day coming up next month I knew I just had to find some cute way to do my daughters hair.  I tried a couple different ideas and this one was a simple and adorable way to dress up the casual ponytail making it into a heart!  So here it is!  The Heart Ponytail!

Supplies needed

  • Brush
  • Squirt Bottle
  • Comb
  • 1 large elastic
  • 3 smaller elastics
  • Topsy Tail tool <–if you don’t have one, you can find it here on Amazon.com.
  • Hairspray

To start off, make sure the hair is brushed smooth.  Then squirt it with water and pull it up into a pony tail.  Put it smack dab in the middle of the back of the head.  You don’t want a high pony on top or a low pony on the bottom.  Secure the pony tail with the large elastic band.



Next insert the topsy tail tool from the bottom so it is poking up through the top


Now you feed the hair through the hole just like you would thread a needle

put pony through


Now you pull the stick up and pull the hair through making it flip upside down

upsidedown pony


Divide the pony tail into two.  A right side and a left side



Grab one section of hair and braid it.  I stood on her side so it made the braid, turn sideways as I braided it down.  Once you reach the end secure it with a small elastic band.

braid 1


Repeat on the other side now.  🙂

braid 2


Once you have both braids hanging down secure them with the third elastic band!

heart pony

Spray with hairspray and your ready to go! A cute little heart on the back of her head! You could add a bow or ribbon if you wanted but I thought it was cute to just see the outline of the heart.

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  1. Wow! I bet I can do this with my daughter's hair. Thank you for the easy tutorial, now I just need some ribbon :)
  2. This is adorable!! Looks so easy too!!
  3. It's amazing how you could do that with her hair. When I saw the first photo I assumed that her hair must be down to the floor! Cute idea for Valentine's Day!
  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE this! Definitely doing it for Valentines Day :)
  5. You make this look so easy!! But, I have to admit it does look pretty simple, I might even be able to do it :) Adorable and thanks for sharing!
  6. This Heart Ponytail is so cute and the tutorial is really helpful in creating it. I would love to make this for my niece for her to wear to school. So pretty.
  7. Allison Downes says
    This looks so adorable and creative! I love looking at new hairstyles. Thank you for sharing this idea!
  8. My little girls are always doing each others hair. They would love this, though I don't think they can pull it off without an assist from mom.
  9. How cute is that. Thank you for sharing with us.
  10. Sandy Cain says
    This is gorgeous! I have a Topsy Tail! Why save this for Valentine's Day, I'm going to try it today! (Not particularly talented in the hairdo department, but your tutorial is very clear, I bet even I can do it!) Thanks!!!! : )
  11. shelly peterson says
    What a super cute hair style. So much better than just your average braid.
  12. nicole dz says
    1st off your daughter has beautiful hair. And I would love to be able to do this to my own hair, what a cute & creative idea. And it really does look like a heart.
  13. This is so creative! Thanks for the awesome post!
  14. courtney hennagir says
    Oh I can't wait until my daughter's hair grows just a bit! We will have so much fun creating this awesome hairstyle!
  15. That is so adorable!! I wish I still had a little one around to play with their hair like that! I get my nieces now and then I am going to do that with their hair!
  16. so pretty much you push the ponytail up through the top and then do it? This is so cute and easy enough i could do it!
  17. Heather Voorhees says
    So cute! I think with your tutorial even someone as uncoordinated as me can do this hairstyle. I'm sure my niece would love for me to try this with her hair.