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zoomer Robot dog

My boys have been begging for a dog lately, oddly enough they’ve also been obsessed with robots.  Perhaps they share those interests in common with many other children their ages.  And, perhaps that is one of the reasons Zoomer the Robot Dog is one of this year’s hottest toys.

In fact, Zoomer has made the Walmart Top 20 toys Chosen by Kids! Yes, Spin Master–the company who makes Zoomer Pets–has really tapped into something here.  Kids have always been fascinated with robotics.  We/they see it as the technology of the future.  We parents grew up watching shows like The Jetsons and dreaming of the day that we’d have a robot housekeeper or a robot dog.  Though I’ll still long for the day when I can get a robot housekeeper, it is pretty awesome that the day has arrived that we can welcome a robot dog into our home.

Zoomer is designed with kids in mind, but is also pretty impressive in its technology.  Take a look at some of the things Zoomer can do.

Zoomer the robot dog is programmed to understand your voice in English, French, or Spanish.  Just like a real puppy, he loves to learn new tricks, but also like a real puppy he needs to be trained.  The more you train Zoomer, the more he learns and the better he’ll respond to your commands. You can download an app for your android or iPhone to learn everything there is to know about training Zoomer.  Zoomer has his own unique personality which means he can get bored, fall asleep, or even get a little rambunctious.

Zoomer is the perfect alternative if, like us, you’re not quite ready for all the care, money, and clean up that comes with having a real dog.  We are so excited for Zoomer the robot dog to be a part of our family this year!

zoomer does tricks

Zoomer is made for children ages 5+ and is available in store and online at major retailers as well on Amazon.com.

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  1. My son would love this even though he's not quite one. He is obsessed with electronics already, lol.
  2. That dog is so cute!!
  3. Richard Hicks says
    Thisis so cute. Toys are so sophisticated now days compared to when I was a kid
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  5. I think my son will love that zoomer