Give Little Legs a Break with a Ride on the Joovy Bumprider – Review

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As a Joovy Blogger is is so fun to see all the innovative new products Joovy keeps coming out with.  They recently rolled out their new Joovy Bumprider a ride-on stroller board.
joovy bumprider
The Joovy Bumprider is the most universal stroller board available on the market today.  It is guaranteed to fit all stroller types due to its unique construction which gives you almost endless adjustment possibilities.  
My 3 year old is getting pretty big and walks most everywhere now.  We have a Joovy Caboose Ultralight that we usually use when we are going somewhere that requires a LOT of walking, but lately I’ve been using our Britax b-Nimble for the baby.  But we moms all know that there are times when we just HAVE to hurry.  There are times when I’m out and about that it would be so convenient for Little Brother just to hop on the stroller and ride.  So when I was offered the chance to review the Joovy Bumprider I decided to give it a go.
Installation of the Bumprider was extremely easy.  I was busy so I had my husband do it and it took all of 10 minutes.
Here is how the Joovy Bumprider looks on an umbrella stroller…
joovy bumprider on an umbrella stroller
And here is how it looks on our umbrella stroller with the riders in place…
Bumprider with child
Don’t be fooled by how easy it is too install.  I made the mistake of not reading the directions after The Husband installed it.  There is a hinge on the Bumprider that allows it to swing upward for easy storage while still attached to your stroller.  I did not realize that I was supposed to screw in both sides of this hinge in order lock the Bumprider in an open position for safe riding. –Not a good mistake.  Be sure you read the directions. 😉
bumprider with mom child and baby
While my 3 1/2 year old thought cruising on the Bumprider was a blast, I was not so much a fan.  Pushing the stroller with the Bumprider attached proved to be very awkward.  I am 5′ 7″ but because of the way I had to walk to avoid kicking the back of the Bumprider I had to hunch awkwardly to push the stroller.  The position of the Bumprider also forced me to walk either exactly one foot in front of the other or with a wide waddle to avoid having my feet hit the Bumprider as I walked.  In the Bumprider’s defense, I would imagine that my experience with the Bumprider is more due to the nature of stroller boards rather than the specific design of the Joovy Bumprider.


To give the Joovy Bumprider a really fair review I decided to let a friend with a completely different type of stroller try it out.  Here are her thoughts…


I was excited to try out the Joovy Bumprider because even though my 3yr old is very capable of walking on our short outings, she stills asks Every.Single.Time I unload the stroller from the car if it is for her (it hasn’t been hers for over a year).
After quick glances through the manual and reading the warnings (do not attach to any moving parts or brakes) I sat down to install the brackets. The whole assembly is easy and very intuitive. I have a Graco single stroller and there seemed to be only one place to attach the brackets, along the 1/2” brake rail. I had my daughter hop and gave it a go. It ‘worked’ but I could tell it was not ideal and the excess from the adjustable bracket was dragging on the ground.
joovy bumprider on graco stroller
The only other place I could determine to put the brackets was just above the brakes, which as it turned out was perfect and didn’t interfere with the brakes. I reattached the BumpRider and had her hop back on. It moves very well with your stroller as you maneuver through aisles or shopping racks, the arms lock in place so there isn’t any wobble. The platform features a non-slip surface and the wheel suspension system ensures a smooth ride, even on bumpy roads.  I was able to walk unencumbered by her and didn’t’ feel like I was tripping over it or pushed back farther than normal.
Now for the drawbacks, because there is always at least one. The arms do telescope to 3 lengths but it seems like I need just 1 more because it puts the child’s head incredibly close to the handle bar and so it’s not great for the views or comfort. And the second drawback is that the swivel wheels, that make it glide so effortlessly, do not prefer to back up with a child’s weight. So if a sweater at Target catches your eye and you want to double check the price, you need to circle around because trying to reverse causes the wheels to jackknife (I was able to get around this by having my daughter hop off for a moment).
joovy bumprider on graco stroller folded
I love how convenient the Joovy Bumprider is and my daughter loves to ride it. It is also very easy to remove and store and easy to attach. It can fold up when not in use and doesn’t need to be removed to close stroller and put in trunk. And it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a double stroller that I only need intermittently.
Bottom line with the Joovy Bumprider:
  • Its innovative design makes it universally compatible with almost all strollers.
  • Convenient to attach and store.
  • Fun for kids to ride.
  • Perfect if you need something for an older child to use occasionally but don’t want to have a double stroller.
  • Competitively priced.

The Bumprider is suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age and up to 45 lbs.  It retails for $119.99 at and can also be purchased on


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