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All I want for Christmas is…sleep…Zzzz

Until a person experiences parenthood firsthand, they have no idea the exhaustion that comes with raising children.

How can something as vital to human functioning as sleep be so difficult for the youngest of the human race?  Babies are born sleeping almost 24 hours a day.  At times it seems like an almost impossible feat to get them to stay awake for a feeding.

sleeping baby

Then, before you know it, something goes terribly wrong.  Your precious, perfect sleeper, who used to sleep for hours on end, is now sleeping in 45 minute increments.  Nap time quickly turns from a blissfully quiet 2 hour respite for mom to an anxiety-filled, “where-did-I-go-wrong” and “please-let-him-sleep-long-enough-for-me-to-shower” 45 minutes.

Sound familiar?  This, unfortunately, is what happened to each of our 3 boys between 3 and 4 months old. Our youngest is 10 months old right now, and sleep has been a rough road for the past 7 months.  Here we are on one of those nights when Baby Z was up about an hour and a half after I put him to bed…

tired baby tired mama

It took me about an hour and a half to put him to bed in the first place hence why I look so exhausted in this picture.

The sleeplessness didn’t end there.  For a period of almost 2 months Baby Z woke up every hour to hour and a half.  It is safe to say that both he and I needed some serious sleep.

As I neared my wit’s end we decided to put Baby Z out of our room and into his own room.  It was also at that time that I was asked to review the Dohmie NSF Serious Sleep Baby Bundle with a Dohm NSF sound conditioner.

Dohm White Noise Machine Dohmie Box Front

 Dohm White Noise Machine for Baby

Previous to having the Dohm white noise machine we had an air purifier running for white noise, but it was loud.  So loud that I was worried that it was damaging to my baby’s sensitive ears.

The white noise of the Dohm white noise machine for baby is pleasantly soothing as far as white noise machines go.  Rather than playing a digital recorded loop of noise, the Dohm creates the soothing sound of rushing air with an internal fan.  The design of the Dohm sound machine really gives you a wide range of tone and volume possibilities.  Because I have two older boys who like to run around the house wailing like a couple of banshees, I always keep the Dohm white noise machine on the loudest setting. Note: Even on the loudest setting it is still quite safe for baby’s ears.

Watch my YouTube video for better idea of the size, sound, and volume of the Dohm NSF white noise machine.

Having the Dohm white noise machine in Baby Z’s bedroom has been a serious lifesaver!  It is quiet enough that I don’t worry about the volume damaging Baby Z’s ears, but loud enough that the Hubs and I can watch a movie in the living room (Baby’s bedroom is right off the living room) without worrying about waking the baby.  It is also small and light enough that we can take it in our suitcase when we go to Mimi and Papa’s house for Christmas!

And, to top everything off, Baby Z now sleeps for up to 2 hours at naptime (up from his previous 45 minutes), and only wakes up once or twice during the night! Yay! For falling asleep and staying asleep!

My husband commented that we need one for our bedroom, I agree, but I also think we need one for the room my two older boys sleep in.  Maybe I should put those on my Christmas wish list…

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