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Games are a fun way to bring the family together during the holidays. When my family gets together over the holidays we love to play games.  I’m not talking Chess, Risk, or Settlers of Catan kind of games.  We love games that involve lots of laughs and just a bit of us making fools of ourselves.

It is for those reasons that Spin Master games are today’s Holiday Gift Guide Feature!  Given that there is usually a lot of family around during the holidays, it is the perfect time for party games.  This year Spin Master has several new games out that the whole family will enjoy.

boom boom balloonIf you like tension filled games that don’t really require much skill Boom Boom Balloon will be a fun Spin Master game to check out.  Designed for kids ages 8-13 the ultimate goal is not to pop the balloon!

In Boom Boom Balloon, nobody knows when the balloon will go boom! It’s simple and easy game play keeps players guessing as to when it will blow. Each player takes a turn rolling the dice. For every number they roll, they must push in a stick the same number of clicks. Before you know it there’s a ton of pressure on the balloon making it want to go boom!



Remember that time when we all had mom laughing so hard she was crying?  Yeah, Hedbanz Act Up is one of those games.  If, like my family you’re not afraid to be a little goofy, then this Spin Master game would make a perfect gift!

Get ready for the performance of a lifetime with Hedbanz Act Up. This fast-acting family game will have everyone rolling with laughter. Each player draws a Game Card and matching colored headband. Once everyone has drawn a random card it’s time find out if you’re a “place”, “person”, or “thing”. The Guesser will roll the dice and whoevers color turns up has to start Acting Up. Start the timer and watch the Actors actions closely as you guess what’s on your head. Am I a Museum? Spider-Man? An Earthquake? Hedbanz Act Up is the ultimate family night fun for 2-6 players ages 8+.


Logo party, party game by Spin Master games

Okay, this is one game I know I will love! I’m guessing that it would be a hit in the majority of consumer America households.  Logo Party has excellent reviews on for being an easy to play, hilarious game for groups big and small.

From the makers of the popular award-winning LOGO Board Game, comes the LOGO Party Edition. Whether you’re an artist, actor or great talker, now you and your family can test each other’s consumer knowledge. It’s not what you know that counts; it’s what you do! Get your teammates to guess brands based on four different types of clues!

Because the holidays are the perfect time to add fun new games to your collection make sure you check out these new games from Spin Master!  Have fun!

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