Guest Post: Three Ways to Save Money on Cat Supplies

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3 Ways to Save Money on Cat SuppliesWhether it’s genuine love of animals, middle-class guilt about being responsible for something, or because our kids have twisted our arm into having some sort of house pet, we do like to spoil them.

Here are three ways we can save money on cat supplies while still spoiling our beloved furry felines…


Food is definitely an important thing, so you rightly want it to be high quality. There are a lot of cat owners who actually cook for their cats for two nights every week, then giving them premium branded food the rest of the time.

While there’s nothing wrong with premium brands, as you tend to get good quality stuff, you don’t need to pay the shelf price that you see in big pet stores and supermarkets. Good quality online pet supply stores will help you save money on cat supplies by giving you the same food for a reduced price. The only notable difference is that you’ll need to know when you’re running out roughly so you can order a week or so in advance. Some stores will allow you to auto schedule regular deliveries, though so you don’t have to worry about running out.


Medicine has obvious importance, but people are sometimes misled into thinking they have no other choice but to order their pet medicine from their vet where it’s prescribed. While that can be done, there are online sites that offer things like spot on treatment, worming tablets and pretty much everything else you could need, but at a lower prices due to the reduced storage costs.

You still require a prescription as normal for some products, but they can be emailed or sent by mail with little hassle.

Toys and pet furniture

white kitten playing

This is, by nature, the least necessary expense for cats. Aside from beds and food bowls, there are a lot of expensive products to house, entertain and comfort cats. Things like cat trees can cost anything from sixty to three hundred dollars, depending on their complexity. If you’re looking to save a lot of money, cutting these out of the budget is the first step that should be made.

DIY cat trees and hammocks can actually be made at home without too much skill required. A simple cushioned shelf within jumping height of a cat would be enough for them to jump on, and will only cost the price of the materials. Even if you install more than one shelf, you won’t be looking at more than forty dollars .


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