The new Joovy Dood, A Sippy Cup with Attitood! – Review

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Why is it that when introducing a sippy cup with each of my children I feel like I’m venturing into uncharted waters–uncharted for me at least?  I’ve done this twice before, but every time around I seem to have the same questions: What age do I introduce the sippy? Which sippy cup is the best to use?  Do I get a sippy with a hard spout or a soft spout?

All I can say from my experiences raising my 3 boys is there there really aren’t right or wrong answers here folks. Go with the flow, read your baby’s cues, experiment and see what works for you and your baby.

joovy dood sippy cup

Joovy recently sent me their new Dood sippy cup to review with baby brother. You’ll recall that I reviewed the Joovy Boob baby bottle several months ago.  I love these bottles! They are the only bottle we use with Baby Z (who is breastfed).  The Joovy Dood is the Boob’s big brother.  Very similar in cup design, the Joovy Dood sports a very similar body shape to the Boob.  It also has the same cool ring CleanFlow vent the Boob has.

The inside of the Dood is also equipped with an easy to clean no-spill valve.  The valve fits right into the inside top of the spout, and allows for lots of shakes and tumbles without any spills.

One of my favorite features of the Joovy Dood sippy cup is that the cup comes totally apart for easy cleaning.  When the dood’s spout is unscrewed the handles can be removed so you can clean the cup of all the slime that little ones manage to get on there.

Joovy Dood and Dood with Insulator

We also received a Joovy Dood with insulator.  The Joovy Dood with insulator is the same great sippy cup but with an additional insulator that will keep fluids at their desired temperatures longer.  You can actually freeze liquids inside the Dood sippy cup and the Insulator will extend the thaw time! Great for traveling in the summer or for transporting frozen breastmilk.  The only drawback to the cup with insulator is that the insulator makes the Dood slightly heavier.  Not a big deal for babies and toddlers who already know how to hold and use a sippy cup, but with the added liquid, it was too heavy for my 9 month old.

Though we’ve tried introducing the cup, Baby Z has not quite caught on to exactly what it is or how to use it yet.  And that is okay.  We are in no hurry.  When he’s ready 2 little Dood’s will be waiting for him.

The Joovy Dood Sippy Cup is available in 7 oz and 9 oz sizes in both the standard cup and the cup with insulator.  The 9 oz size comes with a hard spout and the 7 oz cup comes with a soft spout.


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  1. I'm dying to try these!
  2. I have got to try these with my toddler!
  3. Joovy has some really great products. I cannot wait to give these a try for baby #2!
  4. those are so cute, I didn't know Joovy made sippy cups, thanks!
  5. We're just entering sippy territory, and I dread it because I never found a good one last time. I'll definitely pick up one of these!
  6. Taby Sid says
    I love their products, they're so colorful and cool. Since I have triplets, I was looking for three different colors. Do you have any idea if they have another color than purple ness and turquoise ?
    • Triplets! That is so cool! Unfortunately, they only come in the two colors (bummer, I know). You could buy a couple sets of each and have one purple, one turquoise, and one with a purple body and turquoise lid (or vice versa)???