Guest Post: Tips for Styling Dark Wood Floors in Your Home

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If you’re looking to update a room inside your home, there are many aspects of your new venture to consider. These can include personal taste in regards to trends, maintenance required to keep up your new look, and your budget.

If you’re starting a new project and you’re fairly new to the home improvement scene, it can be a good idea to make it as simple as possible. Just choosing a few focus features in the room you’re updating can make your job a lot easier (and cheaper). For instance, investing in some high quality, stylish wooden flooring and sticking to a complimenting color scheme provides the basics for any room development.

Choosing dark wood floors in particular is a growing trend among interior designers, and you could also be reaping the benefits of such a style choice. Although darker shades of wood may seem intimidating, they are actually a lot easier to integrate into the rest of your room’s decor. There are a number of shades to choose from, so don’t be fooled by thinking you are stuck with only mahogany. Dark wood floors with the offer a range of hues and finishes to suit every room and taste.

integrating dark wood floors

Whichever dark shade you decide to go for, we’ve compiled a list of tips for integrating dark wood floors into your space

Get the balance right – customers are sometimes put off from purchasing dark wood floors because they fear they may overpower their furniture. However, there are ways of accessorizing your room to avoid this. For example, if you have chosen a shade such as dark or burnt oak, incorporate the warmth of the color by accessorizing with items such as cushions, picture frames or mirrors that match your floors, and add tones to your lighter furniture. If you go for a more black oak finish, white furniture can be a great contrast to add dimension and depth to your room.

Think about the finish – depending on your desired effect, the finish you choose will be crucial. A high-gloss dark floor will reflect the other objects in the room, which can be good for brightening the room and amplifying some of your favorite pieces. If you are after a more traditional feel, you may wish to go for a more matte finish, which can add a great level of character to any living space.

Don’t be afraid to go modern – dark wooden flooring is not just a thing of the past; they are in fact incredibly modern and trendy. If you wish to modernize the look of your room further, don’t be afraid to use colors that pop to not only bring your room up to date, but also to create a unique living space. Use striking colors that contrast your dark floor, to create a strong style statement. If you’re not feeling quite so brave, you can also modernize the feel of the room by using paler furnishings, such as mints, grays and pastels. These types of shades are really useful for softening the appearance of a dark floor, giving your space a calmer feel.



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