Graco Little Lounger Event Recap and Graco Little Lounger Review #Graco15forMe

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Man!  Having a newborn is hard! Am I right, or am I right?

Two of our three boys had issues with reflux.  The first night of our youngest son’s life I woke up several times as my newborn choked and gagged on foamy liquid coming from his stomach.  The doctors assured us this was normal and that it would go away as soon as he got all the amniotic fluid out of his body.

Unfortunately, even though he eventually stopped foaming at the mouth, he didn’t stop choking and gagging on spit up at all times of the day and night.  The only way he could sleep was if he was propped up to an almost sitting position, thus he slept in his bouncer for the first 3 weeks of his life.

I really didn’t mind having him sleep in his bouncer.  It propped him up nicely, if he spit up he didn’t choke on it, and it had a vibrate feature which helped keep him asleep longer.  The only drawback was that I lived in constant fear that I’d step on him or trip over him if I got up in the dark of the night…Thankfully, I never did.

Unfortunately, after about 3 weeks it was clear that he’d need to sleep in something a little more sleep appropriate.

It was then that I really could have used something like the new Graco Little Lounger™

graco little lounger

Little Lounger™ is two products in one: a rocking seat and a vibrating lounger. In rocking seat mode, calm baby with the gentle back and forth motion of the rocking seat. Then, flip down the Rock Locks™ and the seat becomes a vibrating lounger with 2-speed vibration. The ingenious seat has multiple recline positions, so that it’s easy to find just the right position for baby’s comfort. When you’re not using it, Little Lounger folds compactly to store or travel.  A cute toy bar will keep baby occupied, and a 3-point harness keeps baby secure.

On Thursday I got to join Tamara from Southern Yankee Mix as she showed off the Little Lounger™ to several Dallas, Fort Worth area bloggers and I (yes, I know I live in Shreveport, Louisiana, but I’m a Texan at heart).  She demonstrated the simple, easy to use design.

graco little lounger2

There are three features on the Graco Little Lounger that I absolutely love!

First, I gotta hand it to them for including a vibration feature!

Graco little lounger vibrate settings

The vibration feature is invaluable to parents of young infants.  It not only helps soothe fussy babies, but it also helps them sleep longer.


Second, I love multiple seat positions.

Graco little lounger without toy bar

With an easy pull or release of a strap you can adjust the Little Lounger to prop the baby up into a comfortable incline or recline the seat flat.  The option to prop the baby up is a great feature for babies with reflux.  It also lets baby sit up a bit and enjoy the world around them.


Lastly, I love the fact that the Graco Little Lounger folds up so compact.

Graco little lounger quick fold

I found that the push to fold button wasn’t as easy to push as I thought it ought to be.  I had to use two thumbs to push the fold button in.  Once it is folded however it folds fairly flat.  The flatness of the fold makes the Little Lounger convenient for traveling.  Well, traveling by car at least.  The legs of the little lounger aren’t easily removable.  It would be pretty awesome if the legs were removable and the lounger came with a travel bag.  Then the Graco Little Lounger could really go anywhere.

With all these great features it is easy to see how the Graco Little Lounger makes it possible for moms (and dads too!) to feel confident that baby is safe, secure, comfortable, and occupied, giving parents the extra 15 minutes they need to get a quick workout in or take a shower.


The Graco Little Lounger™ has an MSRP of $79.99 and is available at the following locations:

Exclusively available at Babies R Us in the Caraway fashion

Exclusively available at Target in the Dakota and Elm fashions

Exclusively available at buybuy Baby in the Astoria fashion

General line and specialty in the Ardmore fashion


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