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Before I settled down, got married, and had children of my own I dreamed that one day I’d travel the world with my kids.  Now that the three littles are here I can’t imagine the travails that would come trying to cart them from one country to another.  I still have lofty aspirations to expose them to different cultures, peoples, foods, and histories while their are still in their youths, but I’ve decided to put it off at least until they’re all old enough to pack and carry their own luggage.


For now, I’ve settled bringing the world to them, here in our own home. I was recently contacted by Little Pim to review their foreign-language learning program for kids as young as 6 months old (though personally, I don’t think a 6 month old has the attention span or even should be sitting in front of the TV for an episode).  Recently, they introduced a special-edition product line now available exclusively at select Toys“R”Us stores nationwide. The new Spanish, Chinese, and English “Discovery Sets” each include three DVDs and a Little Pim plush panda toy.


Little Pim is a fun, award-winning series designed to introduce foreign languages to babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Research shows that young children who learn a second language have greater cognitive and verbal skills. Children up to the age of six can learn multiple languages with ease, and Little Pim makes it fun! Each 35-minute DVD features Little Pim, a lovable, animated panda who is also the teacher, and real kids doing everyday activities.

Each 35 minute DVD is broken up into 5 minute episodes to provide a good pace for young children.  I didn’t realize this the first couple times I sat my son and his preschool friend down to watch Little Pim.  After about 10 minutes they had lost interest.  Because Little Pim is taught using Little Pim’s Entertainment Immersion Method®, it takes a little while for some children to become accustomed to listening in a different language.

Little Pim engages young audiences by using both live action with young children and animation with Little Pim and his pals.  The phrases taught are simple and pertinent to young children.

There is one thing that I was very surprised that I didn’t see in Little Pim.  I am so surprised that the makers of Little Pim did not leverage the power of music! My boys (like most kids) learn so quickly when the concept (language, in this case) can be reinforced through simple songs.  In addition, it would really help keep kids more engaged in the show.

Simplified, here are the Pros and Cons:


  • Simple for even young children to follow
  • Cute characters
  • Engaging for short periods of time –good for child’s short attention span
  • Pertinent vocabulary for young children
  • Cognitive benefits for children: Improves memory and analytic abilities, boosts abstract thinking
  • Price is competitive


  • May not engage your child for very long
  • Not what I would consider a dynamic program (energy level/enthusiasm of the show is fairly static)
  • No songs in the DVDs 🙁

When it is all boiled down, yes, I would recommend this program to most of my friends providing I think their child has the attention span for it.

Little Pim is recommended for ages 6 months-6 years and is available in 11 languages including SpanishFrenchChinese and Italian  on videos, music, books, flash cards, gift sets and more. The Little Pim special edition Discovery Sets retail for $39.95 exclusively at select Toys“R”Us nationwide and at

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Stay tuned! At the conclusion of our Holiday Gift Guide we’ll be having a prize packed Gift Giveaway! Little Pim will be one of the prizes offered!


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  1. Love the panda character! I think my kids would really enjoy learning another language with Little Pim.
  2. Elizabeth H. says
    What a cool program. As a Spanish speaker, myself, I know I would really appreciate sharing a program like this with a little one in my life!
  3. Rebecca Parsons says
    I love the idea of this. My granddaughter's other grandma is from Mexico and speaks spanish so this would be great for her to be able to communicate with her grandma.
  4. This is great my daughter needs to learn more Spanish, my mother will appreciate it.