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Our Holiday Gift Guide feature today is one that will elicit exclamations of awesomeness from Star Wars fans young and old!  Jakks Pacific toy company has recently created a line of giant 31 inch action figures featuring Darth Vader, Superman, and Batman The Dark Night.

Jakks Pacific sent us the Giant Darth Vader Action Figure for the Holiday Gift Guide.  WOW, I have to say that the size of this thing is most impressive when seen in person.

Jakks Pacific 31 inch giant Darth Vader


It’s a giant Darth Vader action figure based on the Star Wars movies! This awesome, undeniably gigantic Star Wars Darth Vader 31-Inch Action Figure stands 31-inches tall, features 7 points of articulation, and makes a great office display piece. If you loved the villainous look of the Dark Lord of the Sith you’re going to love having the Star Wars Darth Vader 31-Inch Action Figure in your collection!

Just to give you an idea of the size of these 31 inch action figures when compared with a 4 year old child, here is my almost 4 year old checking out Darth Vader…

giant darth vader action figure


The action figure seems sturdy enough, the age recommendation is 3+, and a 3 year old can certainly attempt to play with this giant Darth Vader.  However, I’m not sure young kids would find it very engaging to play with.  My almost 4 year old was a little disappointed that he didn’t “say anything”, make any noises, or have a “real lightsaber”. LOL

Rather, I think these giant action figures would make an awesome gift for older kids, teens, and adults.  Perfect for a man cave, a Star Wars or superhero themed bedroom, or even a theater room, the men (or the superhero, star wars loving woman) in your life will be ecstatic to find this waiting for them on Christmas day!

Jakks Pacific 31 inch giant Batman The Dark Knight
Jakks Pacific 31-inch Batman The Dark Knight Rises Giant Size Figure

Jakks Pacific 31 inch giant Superman DC Universe Man of Steel

Jakks Pacific DC Universe Man of Steel 31″ Action Figure

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  1. No. freaking. way. My oldest son would go INSANE if I got him a giant Darth! Haha :)
  2. That's pretty sweet. I think my husband would love that!
  3. I LOVE the giant superman and know my son would enjoy it too! finally they have bigger toys that would interest my son
  4. We have the batman one and it is really cool!!!!
  5. This is SO cool! Ten times cooler because of it's size!
  6. Robin Wilson says
    My son may be 26 years old but he would absolutely love this for his game room! I jumped over to Amazon to check on it and though $48 is a little steep, I will definitely keep it in mind. It is a large one!
  7. like the Man of Steel one and it is very large and colorful! My nephew would love to get one of these amazing action figures under the tree. I will have to take a look into getting one of these.
  8. You kidding me? That Vader figure would put my son in a blissful coma!