Keep baby safe and warm in Merino Kids Sleep Sack – Review

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I have to say it now.  I can’t even go into this review without telling you how much I love this sleep sack.  I’m not one to get sentimental over something like a sleep sack, but I LOVE THIS SLEEP SACK!

Merino Kids Wool and Organic Cotton sleep sack

Ahem! Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let me tell you just why the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack is so amazing.  First of all, I’m going to let you know right off the bat that this sleep sack retails for $129.99 (but I’ve always seen it on sale for $99.99).  And, frugal though I am, I am perfectly okay with the price.

Here is why I don’t mind the price:

  • Quality: The Merino Kids Sleep Sack feels like a high quality baby gear item.  The organic combed cotton outer layer is luxuriously soft! It is also quite thick.  The inside of the sleep sack is lined with Superfine Merino wool.  The combination of the two make for a comfy, soft, temperature regulating wearable blanket for baby.  The stitching, snaps, and zipper are all top quality as well.  You know the phrase, “They don’t make them like they used to.”  Well, when I opened the Merino Kids sleep sack for the first time, I consciously thought, “Wow, this is like old school good quality!”
  • Longevity: While this sleep sack does cost 3-4 times what you’d pay for other brands of sleep sacks, this sleep sack will take your child through 2 years!  Yes, you heard correctly.  2 years! With other sleep sacks you’ll need to buy 4 different sleep sacks to get you through the 2 years.
  • Wool: Wool is super cool because it is temperature regulating.  But here is something you might not know about wool: Wool does not retain odors!  Why is this important?  I don’t know about your kids, but my little babies often like to greet me in the morning with a dirty diaper.  STINKY!  Normally, I’d have to wash a sleep sack to get the odor out, but because of its wool lining, I simply turn the Merino Kids sleep sack inside out and by bedtime it is perfectly fresh again!
  • Versatility: The Merino Kids sleep sack is sewn with a seat belt opening in the front and back of the sleep sack allowing you to transfer your sleeping baby from car seat, stroller, or crib.Merino kids

There are just two drawbacks to the Merino Kids sleep sacks that I’ve noticed:

  1. Because the sleep sack is lined with wool it requires a wool friendly wash like Woolite.  If you tend to have a wool wash on hand this won’t be a drawback for you.
  2. My son gets frustrated trying to crawl in his sleep sack (he’s an active guy and moves around a lot in his crib before finally succumbing to sleep).  This however is not a drawback that is specific to Merino Kids, but is fairly universal to all brands.  It is simply due to the nature of sleep sacks.

merino kids 2


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  1. I love sleep sacks! So much better than blankets.
  2. Julie Wood says
    How cute! My nephew would look cute in one of these. It is starting to get cold out and this Sleep sack keeps baby nice and covered so they keep warm.
  3. Pamela Halligan says
    What a great idea. I love that it is made of wool and is so versatile. This would make a great baby shower gift.
  4. We have two of these and LOVE them! They are so thick and the wool is great for absorbing if the diaper leaks. It wicks the moisture away from baby and keeps them dry!
  5. Okay, this IS adorable! I love the place for a carseat buckle, too! Genius!
  6. Rebecca Parsons says
    This is really cute however. Wow the price to me still seems a bit steep. I am very frugal. This is something I would have to ask for as a baby shower gift.
    • That is what I initially thought about the price, but then I realized, that this isn't just an article of clothing for baby. It is a long term use baby gear item. When you consider that baby will be using this for 2 years and compare the price with what you'll pay for some other shorter term use baby gear items, it kind of puts it into perspective. But, yes, like you, I'm all for asking for higher priced items as baby shower gifts.
  7. Robin Wilson says
    These are so nice! I didn't have one for my son when he was little but sure wish that I had! I really like that you don't have to worry about them being totally uncovered as they cannot kick this off! I will sure keep in mind for my niece who is expecting!