“Boo”licious Treats – Chocolate Covered Pretzel Jack-o’-Lanterns

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Pretzel jack o lanterns

Are you attending any Halloween party’s this year and need to take a treat?  I made these chocolate covered pretzel Jack-o’-Lanterns one night while I was waiting for my husband to come home from work but they were so easy and fun to make that your kids would love to help out! I took them to a family get together the next day and they were gone with in minutes!  Everyone loved them!

All you need to make these adorable Halloween pretzel Jack-o’-Lanterns is below

  • Pretzels
  • Melting Chocolate (my local craft store had orange ones!)
  • Orange Food Coloring – Wilton gel (you only need this if your chocolate is white)
  • Shortening (opt)
  • Green m&m’s
  • Wax Paper

These are seriously so easy to make!  First pour all your chocolate into a microwaveable safe bowl and melt the chocolate.  This is the kind I used but you can use whatever you like if you prefer something different.  I just really like how quick and easy these melt.  Plus, if your craft store does coupons then you can get them really cheap!


I set it on 50% power and stir after the first minute and then every 20 seconds after that tell they are all melted.  If you need to make it runnier then you can add the shortening and microwave it one more time tell it is melted and mixed in.  Then add food coloring if you need to.

Now the fun begins!  Drop in a pretzel and cover all sides in the chocolate.  I used a fork to flip them over and get both sides and then you can lift it out easily.  You can also tap off any excess chocolate before putting it down on the wax paper to dry.


Right after you remove the pretzel from the chocolate put a green m&m on top for the stem.  And don’t worry the m&m stayed on really good once the chocolate hardened.

Now just let them dry and harden!  They were seriously so delicious!  Oh and good luck not eating them all! 🙂


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  1. Kymberly Pray says
    I love the flavor combination of chocolate-covered pretzels (chocolate-covered any/everything for that matter), but always got them predipped. I have seen these baking melts on the craft store shelves for years, but never was confident or inspired enough to use them. Your step by step tutorial has changed that, and I think I'll give it a go. The orange coating does a wonderful job at turning the pretzels into pumpkins and would be quite impressive to bring to a party, or have on hand to give parents chaperoning their kids trick or treating.
  2. Rebecca Parsons says
    This is really a neat idea. I love it and would be great for a Halloween party.
  3. Those are super cute and festive for Halloween! May have to make them for a Halloween party I'm attending next weekend.
  4. Mariaelena Dominguez says
    What a cute idea! I've never seem it but I'm gonna try it, my son loves pretzels!
  5. Julie Wood says
    I like eating pretzels and these Chocolate Covered pretzels look so delicious! I am going to make these for Halloween because they look so cute!
  6. Richard Hicks says
    These are really cute and easy to make. I am sure they taste great too!
  7. Nena Sinclair says
    What a cool idea! I'm going to get the ingredients and make these with my grandson! Thanks for sharing! :)
  8. These are adorable! They'd be so easy to make, and I know would be a big hit with the kids.
  9. What a cute and inexpensive treat! I love these. I think that I will make a batch for my husband to take to work with him on Halloween. He is already sad that he can't be home to hand out candy. The little treat of an M&M on these is wonderful!
  10. Honestly need to try these! :) They look incredibly delicious!
  11. These are just too cute for words. Thank you for sharing your recipe.
  12. rosa rogers says
    This would be great to make with the kids..I know they would love it.
  13. Great to put out for Halloween, how adorable, fun, and the kids will eat these right up. Very easy for anyone to do, I love that!
  14. shelly peterson says
    These are super cute. We love pretzels so this would be a special treat for the kids.
  15. I wish I saw these sooner. Hopefully I will make next year.