Boo! Your Neighbors with this Fun Halloween Tradition!

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Boo your neighbors with a Boo Basket!

One of the best things about holidays are the opportunities for fun with our kids.  Last year a couple weeks before Halloween we were surprised and delighted to find a “Boo Basket”– a basket of delicious and spooky goodies on our front doorstep.

We’d been “Booed”!

That set off a fun wave of “Boo Baskets” throughout the neighborhood.  This year I decided to kick off the fun!

I took the kids to Target and we scoured the dollar section for the best Boo Basket goodies.  I spent a grand total of $7 for each Boo Basket and we went home to put the baskets together.

Boo Basket ideas

Now, the point of the Boo baskets is to foster neighborhood unity/appreciation and have a little fun so you’ll need to make sure to include this sign and set of rules in your basket.  I love this one from Happiness is Homemade.


We have a new neighbor right across the street from us so we broke one of the rules (the Drop off and Run one), and we took the treats over and introduced ourselves.

You've been Booed! Boo Basket


One reason I love this activity so much is because it only takes just a few minutes and a few dollars to do something nice and fun for your neighbors.  Hopefully, the neighbors will pass along the fun and you can watch the whole neighborhood come alive with the “Booing!” spirit!


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  1. This is such a cute idea and fun! I like all the Boo your neighbors items and think it would be nice to give some to my neighbors!
  2. How fun! I love this idea! What a great way to do something nice for others too!
    • We love doing it. It is so fun to see the neighborhood get involved. We had a huge turnover this summer (we have a lot of military in our neighborhood) so we really rely on fun things like this to keep us close knit.
  3. What a terrific and neighborly idea. Love it!
  4. Such an awesome idea!
  5. Love this idea!! You made everything look so cute!!
  6. I remember this happened to us a few times and the kids got such a huge kick out of it!
  7. Rebecca Parsons says
    I had a neighbor who would do this and my kids loved it. We moved and I thought about doing something like this again. Thanks for this post, just gave me the motivation to do it.
  8. What an adorable idea! I'll have to try that this year with our new neighbors.
  9. We have never done this in our neighborhood but maybe I should 'start it'. :)
  10. I wonder if it's too late to get this started in my complex. The only thing I could see hindering it, is that next week is mid-terms. Aside from that, it could get going pretty fast. I might just prink out a couple extra sets of rules to help it along. I feel a trip to target coming on!!!
  11. My neighborhood does this, and it's so much fun! I love those frankenstein masks!
  12. What wonderful idea! I think that even though I no longer have any little ones at home I could/should start this fun tradition in my neighborhood. Especially now that I know it can be done on the cheap! Thank you for sharing.
  13. Great idea
  14. shelly peterson says
    I love this idea! This sounds like a lot of fun and shows caring for your neighbors.