Baby and Toddler Essentials: Mamas & Papas 3 Stage Booster Seat – Review

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If you’ve ever had a baby, you know that baby gear can quickly overtake your house.  We started our family in a fairly small house.  With just over 1000 square feet for a family of 4 we had to make sure that the baby gear we bought was fairly compact.

Even though we now have almost twice the amount of space we started out in we currently have a tiny space for eating in our kitchen. We’ve never had a full sized high chair for our kids; we’ve only ever been able to fit a space saver type high chair that attaches to a standard kitchen chair.  And I kind of like it that way. 🙂

When Mamas & Papas asked me to review their Baby Bud booster seat I knew that it would fit perfectly in our space and with our lifestyle.

Mamas & papas baby bud seat

Mamas & Papas brings parents and baby the first long term baby seat, Baby Bud! With a lifespan of over three years, this three stage booster seat easily and securely fits most chairs with four independently adjustable non-slip feet and attached straps.  A 3-point harness keeps baby comfortable and secure and the adjustable, removable and lockable tray is perfect for eating or play.  With 3 distinct stages –  Stage one: seat with comfortable molded insert and tray, Stage two: insert removed with tray, and Stage three: insert and tray removed to bring baby to the table – the Baby Bud grows with baby.  Easy to clean, the Baby Bud also features a carry handle for portability for use at restaurants or grandma’s house.

Because we do baby-led weaning, or self-feeding, as I like to call it, dinnertime can be a little bit messy.  One of my favorite features about the Baby Bud booster seat is the ability to remove the soft molded insert, quickly rinse or wipe it over the sink, and easily put it back on again.  A removable seat is such a plus for babies who feed themselves!

Mamas & Papas Baby Bud

(Sorry the color in my pictures is off.  :/  The seat is teal like the first picture in this post.)

Another thing I love is the locks on the side of the tray, not only can you easily tell when the tray is properly locked into place, it also allows you to easily slide off the tray once you’ve flipped the tabs to the unlocked position.

Mamas and papas Baby Bud side

So far, I have been nothing but pleased with the Baby Bud booster seat by Mamas & Papas! It is compact, comfortable, and cute! It is functional, has a streamlined look, and is super simple to use!

Once Baby Z is a little older we will simply remove the tray and scoot him up to the table to eat with us.  Eventually, he’ll get too big for the insert and that will be removed so that he can use the Baby Bud as a toddler booster seat.  I love that I will be able to use this seat for the next almost 3 years!

Baby Z is pretty happy about that too!

Baby Bud Baby2

The Baby Bud Booster Seat retails for $69.99 and is available in Teal and Raspberry colors and can be purchased at as well as other retailers in store and online.



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  1. Seems compact yet sturdy and durable. I love the lock feature!! (ps baby Z is SUPER cute!!)
  2. Erica Lynn says
    I've been debating between this and a bumbo, so your information was super helpful! Thanks for the wonderful review.
    • You're very welcome. If you're looking for something along the lines of an infant positioner like the Bumbo, you may be thinking of the Baby Snug seen here:
  3. Julie Wood says
    What a really nice baby and toddler seat. My nephew can really use this seat and I really like the color. This is a very sturdy booster seat that can be taken with a parent when visiting relatives.
  4. That looks very sturdy! I like products that grow with baby, and this looks like it would stand up to lots of use.
  5. Oh, I love that booster seat! Great colors and so functional!
  6. Oh, I like that. I think I need to get one for my 7 month old!
  7. I like that and the color is so pretty. Think my guy is getting to big for this, but my friend has a sweet little boy that could use this.
  8. Very nice! I love the sleek look and the fun color. Something like this is perfect for our small house. Thanks for sharing!
  9. How cool is this?!? And where was it when my son was a toddler? This is one of the nicest looking space savers I have seen as far as a booster seat goes. They always seem to be in the way when not in use.
  10. Can you use baby bud on the floor like snug? Thank you for the useful review on baby bud :) nan
    • Hi Nan, The feet don't tuck all the way up into the seat--there is about 3/4 in sticking out. You'd also just need to buckle the chair straps to themselves and tuck them under the chair. But those reasons wouldn't keep you from using the Baby Bud on the floor. What you would need to keep in mind is that the base of the Baby Bud isn't designed to keep the chair upright if your child is big and arches backwards in the seat. On seats that are designed to be floor seats you can see that the base of the seat in the back is at least an inch wider than the top of the backrest. This keeps the seat secure when baby is moving around in the seat. The Baby Bud doesn't have this extra width because it is designed to be strapped to a chair. So my answer: If you're going to be supervising your child the ENTIRE time, sure, use your best judgement. Otherwise, I'd go ahead and buy a floor seat in addition to the Baby Bud.