When bottled water isn’t an option are we more likely to opt for a sugar filled beverage?

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Which would you go for first? Water?  Or a sweetened beverage?

In an interesting experiment Nestlé® Pure Life® shows what college students will choose when bottled water from their campus vending machine isn’t an option.

The results aren’t surprising…isn’t it what you would do, too?

Or, perhaps you’re more steadfast about your health and would seek out a water fountain with your trusty reusable bottle in hand.


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  1. I can not pick a Sugar filled beverage if that is all that is available if there is no water. I would pick a healthier drink with less calories. Sugar beverages are too fattening and unhealthy!
  2. For me, when bottled water is not available, I hold my nose and get water from a drinking fountain. I have learned that any bottled beverage is not worth buying either a sugar one (which is usually high fructose corn syrup), or a chemical unsweetened variety.