Turn Your Memories Into a Masterpiece with Easy Canvas Prints – Review

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I love displaying pictures of my kids all through out our house and what better way of showing off your photos than with a canvas print.  At Easy Canvas Prints they easily create masterpieces with your own personal photos.  With their website you get to create a stunning work of art on canvas just like the professionals!  Their canvas prints are printed and stretched in-house by canvas professionals, and come ready to hang or display with a classic semi-gloss finish.  All you have to do to get started is visit their webpage here and start creating!

It really is quick and easy.  First, you pick what type of look you are going for.  You can create a single canvas or wall display with multiple canvas’.  Next, you pick the size of your canvas and then you upload your picture.  You can get your pictures from your computer, facebook or instagram.  Once you have uploaded your picture they even have a little indicator that will tell you the quality of your picture.  So then you will know if your image has the right resolution to be printed on a canvas.  If it is a poor quality then you can choose to upload a picture with a higher resolution.  Once your picture is uploaded you can crop or edit your photo and you also get to choose how you want it wrapped.  Either mirror image, image wrap or you can pick a border color.  Once everything looks great you add it to your cart and have it created!  It was so easy to do.  I think the hardest part is deciding which picture you want printed onto the canvas!

I don’t have any special or fancy kind of camera. It is just a simple point and shoot camera that is probably 2 years old.  This is a picture we took of our three kids in their Easter outfits with that camera.  So no special camera or photographer.  Just us.  I thought it was a cute picture of the kids but when we printed it at Easy Canvas Prints, just look at how amazing it turned out!


And this picture of our canvas doesn’t even do it justice.  This canvas really is so nice.  I was so excited when we got it and everyone that sees it LOVES it and asks me where we got.  I have to tell everyone Easy Canvas Prints!  The quality is amazing, the colors are amazing and I just love how it looks.  And to think, it just came from our little camera!  You really can create a masterpiece with any photo!  I am totally impressed and I just want to make another one and this time try their wall displays with multiple photos.

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So the next time you are looking for somewhere to print off your photos think of Easy Canvas Prints.  They do many different sizes from a 8×8 up to 30×40.  Then even do custom sizes so you can pretty much print of anything!  You can print your picture as is or you can print them off in black and white or sepia, which I really like.  They regularly have sales on their canvas’ and they even offer free standard shipping.  You will definitely want to like their facebook page too so you will hear about their specials.  Just think how amazing your photos would look for holiday presents!  (hint, hint!)


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  1. WOW! Easy Canvas prints really make a picture stand out and look so vibrant. What a way to take a picture and make it stand out and keep for years to come. Definately worth getting this done with one of my special pictures.
  2. Jainam Shah says
    Great way to turn
  3. Jainam Shah says
    Great way to turn old photo on canvas or catch memorable memory on canvas. I also personalize my photo on canvas with Canvas Champ online store. You can check their pricing and go for next canvas prints of yours.