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Do you guys ever look on pinterest and see all the cute and trendy ways to organizing your home?  Then you pin all the cute stuff and you think, one day I’m totally going to do that!

I do and before I know it months have gone by and I have done nothing!  I always have an excuse like, my printer doesn’t have ink so I can’t print anything off, or my handwriting is too ugly so I can’t write on my stuff.  Well, I have found a solution! Kidecals are personalized labels that will stick to any surface, including clothes!  They are waterproof, dishwasher and washing machine safe.  Making it easy to safely label anything and everything you can think of!

Label your kids items so they don’t get lost like: waterbottles, backpacks, jackets.


You can label containers and dishes in your pantry or at your next party!


And I could really use these on my kids lunch boxes or any time they are eating away from home to let other’s know what their allergies are.



Kidecals have over 80 decal and label designs to meet any trend and interest.  And yes, they do have mustache labels! 🙂 There is a style of personalized labels for everyone – even grownups!  When I started browsing all their different products my mind just started thinking of all the millions of ways I could use these in our home.

Here is the first thing I just knew I had to have.  Do you notice anything about my keyboard that I use everyday?

keyboard (25)

Did you notice that half my letters are rubbed off?  Apparently I do a lot of typing. I don’t technically need to see the letters because I know where they all are, but my 6 year old daughter is starting to do homework and different things on the computer and she can’t find the letters!  I didn’t really want to go out and buy a new keyboard and I was so excited when Kidecals had the solution to my problem!  Keycals- keyboard stickers!

keycals (26)

Not only can we see all the letters now but my keyboard is oh so cute!  I do want to let you know that keycals are made for apple keyboards so they don’t have all the same keys that I use on my pc but it doesn’t bother me.  They fit, they work and they are repositionable.  So I can move them or take them off if I want.  But why would I want to? They are so cute and functional!  They have tons of different styles and colors to pick from.

One other thing is you can’t really feel the little line on the “J” and “F” that shows you where to put your index fingers.  But again it’s really not a big deal for me.  I just wanted to let you guys know.

So, once I solved the keyboard problem I went to our toy room next.  I hate when there are toys laying everywhere when they could be easily picked up!  So, I created these personalized labels for all our toy bins.  I know that my little kids can’t read them but my oldest daughter and my husband have no excuse now not to find where everything goes!


They stick to both the plastic tub’s and the fabric bins.  They are amazing and they make clean up time so much quicker and easier!


I just have to say that Kidcals are amazing!  And their prices are very reasonable.  They keycals retail for only $14!  Not a bad price at all!  Who needs to buy a new keyboard when you can just make your original keyboard fun and trendy! The organizing labels I tried retail for $15.  You can personalize them to say anything you want.  I thought these would also be nice to label all the bins of baby clothes I have.  They have many different products and price points and you should definitely check them out.

You can see lots of different uses for their labels on facebook and twitter too!


What better way to keep track of all your stuff than with the Kidecals labels.  Just think of all those lost items that could have been found at school.  And you don’t want to loose your cookie platter at your next holiday party either.  So go on over and check out all the many products that Kidcals offers.  And right now Kidcals is offering a discount code for all you Oh So Savvy Mom readers.  Just enter  savvymom15 at check out!  And they offer free shipping on all orders no matter how much or how little you buy!


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  5. I totally need some of these. I especially like the chalk board labels and could use some for our fabric drawer cubes too. Great way to pretty up a keyboard!
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  9. As a mom of a child with multiple food allergies I can so appreciate how much those labels mean to parents and educators. They're great!