“Making the Sunscreen Grade” During Back to School with Coppertone

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My daughter started school back up two weeks ago and I finally think we are starting to get back into a routine around here.  This year was a big year for us.  She started 1st grade which is her first time going all day to school.  The first couple days where so long and seemed to drag on forever as we waited for her to come back home.  It’s just crazy to me that she is spending so much time out of my care and now she needs to be responsible for things all on her own.  One big thing that I didn’t even think about was skin care.  She spends 2-3 recess’ outside plus there is the walk to and from school and that is actually more exposure to the sun then I realized!  And think of all the activity and school sports that take place!  Some children can spend many hours in the sun.


This is why Coppertone has come up with a program for schools called “Making the Sunscreen Grade.”  It is a campaign to make parents aware of sun protection even while their kids are at school.  Children are being exposed to sun through out the day and even if we apply sunscreen on them before they leave in the morning they would need to reapply by the time of their mid-day recess.  So we need to teach our children about sun safety and Coppertone has come up with a great game plan for us to follow.

ABC’s of Sun Protection at School

  • Get the facts – Ask your school administrator for more information on your district’s policy around sunscreen and what (if any) sun protection methods are permitted. Policies can differ, so you may want to ask if sunscreen, hats or sunglasses are allowed during outdoor activities and if any permission is necessary.
  • Take action – Some schools only allow sunscreen usage with written permission from a child’s parent and/or physician. Ask your school administrator and/or your child’s pediatrician for guidance and make sure to get a doctor’s note, if necessary. You can also work with your school to craft a sunscreen-reapplication program, keeping in mind that sunscreen must be kept out of the reach of children.
  • Be prepared – Sun sense begins at home. Dress your kids in sun-protective clothing and make sunscreen application part of your morning ritual before your kids go outside and go to school.
  • Talk to your kids – Remind your kids to practice sun-savvy behaviors at school, such as seeking shade and drinking plenty of water during recess and other outdoor activities.
  • Stay connected – Creating a sun-smart school environment should include partnering with parents, teachers, school nurses and administrators. In some cases, simply initiating a conversation to learn more about sun protection may remind others of its importance. Consider it a potential topic for your next PTA meeting.

As I have done my research and talked with my daughters school I became kind of discouraged.  They do not allow my daughter to bring sunscreen to school.  She could technically bring it if it was kept in the school office and she had to have a doctors note for it.  But I didn’t feel like that was very convenient or time efficient.  Her recess isn’t even long enough for her to go down to the office, apply the sunscreen and then go out and play.  I also talked to them about hats and sunglasses and they do not allow them at school.  They can bring them to school when they have their yearly activity days at the end of the school year but that is only 1-2 days out of the year.  So now it is up to me to teach my daughter to play in the shade and wear sun-protective clothing.  Did you know that a white t-shirt only has the SPF of about a 7 when it is dry?  It’s a good thing I don’t like to buy white clothes because they always get so dirty and dingy!  Also just because you have an overcast day doesn’t mean it will protect you from getting a sunburn either.  With a cloud cover you still get 80% of the sun rays.

I encourage all of you to find out what your schools guidelines are for sun safety.  See if your schools will allow sunscreen or hats and glasses and lets teach our children to be safe as they play!  You can also download the Coppertone Sun Protection pamphlet here (it comes in both English or Spanish) so you can have the information necessary to start a discussion at your school. If your schools do allow sunscreen the 3 oz travel size sunscreens would be the perfect size to fit in their backpacks.


They come in many different types and SPF’s

  • Coppertone Sport SPF 50 and 30
  • Coppertone Kids Tear Free SPF 50
  • Coppertone Oil Free Face in SPF 15 and 50
  • Coppertone WaterBABIES SPF 50

For a full list of their products you can visit their website here.  They have a coupon for $1 you can print too if your running low on sunscreen.  Also check out their facebook page for new info, ideas and products to keep our children safe.

I was really glad that I found out about Coppertone‘s Making the Sunscreen Grade.”  I am still learning the ropes of sending my oldest off to school and I didn’t even think about sun safety.  I am now working on teaching my daughter how to stay safe as she is out in the sun.  I just hope half of what I am talking about sinks in! 🙂


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  1. It is so important to make sure to wear sunscreen all the time because of the dangers of skin cancer. I think Coppertone makes great products to keep anyone from getting a sunburn. I stocked up on some sunscreen and use it all year round!
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  3. We are pretty good about putting on sunscreen, but certainly could be more conscientious once school starts. Thanks for the reminder!
  4. This is a great campaign because it's so important and easy to forget! Ryan just started preschool a couple of weeks ago and I didn't even think to ask about sunscreen when they go outside to play, eeek!
  5. Our school is tough on this. We have to have a form filled out by the pediatrician and everything since they consider it a "medication". :(
  6. I live in a desert, and I know how important it is to use sunscreen.
  7. Richard Hicks says
    These school policies are too strict. Protecting your skin is SO important to prevent damage later on in life
    • I agree. There are times when sunscreen might not be necessary, like at schools that only have 10-15 minute recess, but generally speaking those little ears, cheeks, and noses need to be protected.