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I hate diaper rash.  I really, truly hate it.  My first two kids had severe diaper rash that was caused by foods that they were allergic to or had a sensitivity too.  Once I figured that out I would stop feeding them those foods but before I linked the two we had some really terrible diaper rash.  My sons was so bad that his bum would bleed.  Not fun at all.  For either of us.  I bet we were both in tears after a few diaper changes because he was in so much pain and I couldn’t stand seeing him that way.  It was seriously so sad!  🙁  I have gotten smarter on my third child so we haven’t had to deal with the severe diaper rash.  (It also helps that she doesn’t have any allergies!)  But when I got the chance to try TriDerma’s Severe Diaper Rash Cream I jumped all over it!  I know all too well that the diaper rash cream from our local store just doesn’t do the trick for those really nasty diaper rash’s.

TriDerma offers medical strength skin healing products in various categories.  They have products for acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, cold sores, burns, scars and that awful diaper rash.   This is their diaper rash cream and it just comes in a squeeze tube for easy application.


Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream is a medical strength formula with FIVE times more healing power than traditional diaper rash creams.  It contains highly concentrated natural healing botanicals plus vitamins and two clinically proven skin protectants.  It provides soothing relief on contact while it begins the healing process for regular diaper rash, severe or hard to heal rashes from medication, formula or changes in diet.

It is:

  • Non-greasy, non-sticky, unlike traditional white sticky diaper creams
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Provides wetness protection
  • Contains NO cortisone, fragrance or parabens
  • Recommended by Doctors

We also were able to try out the Eczema Fast Healing cream

eczemafasthealingEczema Fast Healing™ helps protect and relieve itching and rashes from Eczema or minor skin irritations due to chemicals, detergents or excessive hand washings. It provides soothing relief and long lasting moisture for dry, cracked and irritated skin.

This specialized non-greasy cream contains natural healing botanicals, vitamins and AP4® Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe. It helps relieve itching without harmful drugs. Daily use helps maintain healthy skin plus it is gentle enough to use on children or sensitive skin.

It is

  • Recommended by Doctors and Dermatologists
  • Contains NO Cortisone or Parabens
  • Fragrance Free
  • Non-greasy

So after trying out both products here are my thoughts on them

Severe Diaper Rash – I used it on my baby when she had some pretty bad diaper rash and I actually wasn’t overly impressed with it.  I didn’t feel like it worked that great or worked that quickly to relieve her little bum.  One thing I did notice with it though was it didn’t seem to sting her when I applied it and usually other creams make her cry when I use them so that was really nice.  I have continued to use it and it is great for an everyday use.  I really like the texture and consistency of it.  It is not greasy and it cleans up very nicely.  I also like that it does not contain any fragrance or parabens.  Products that contain those just seem to irritate even more.  So overall, I liked it as a basic diaper cream but I didn’t feel like it worked better for a severe diaper cream.

Eczema Fast Healing – My son has had pretty bad eczema in the past so every time I see a flare up I have to put something on it immediately so he doesn’t scratch at it and make it worse.  A couple weeks ago he started getting a rash behind his knees so I was really excited to use the Eczema Fast Healing.  After his bath I put it on his legs to help relieve the itching.  When he woke up the next morning he didn’t have any rash on his legs and he hadn’t scratched it at all that night!  It was amazing!  He usually itches and scratches in his sleep so he doesn’t even know he is doing it.  But this cream was awesome!  It worked fast and it was great!  Another great thing that I like about this is that it is safe for the face and body.  Some of his prescription creams are so strong they can’t be applied to his face but this stuff is gentle and effective.  I like knowing that it is safe to use on him but it also works!  I will definitely be keeping a supply of this in our closet!

Buy It:

TriDerma’s Severe Diaper Rash cream retails for $6.99 and can be purchased online here or I found it at my local Walmart.  You can search here and see if there are places that sell it local to you.   The Eczema Fast Healing cream retails for $7.99 can also be purchased online or at some Walmarts and drug stores.  I did the local search and it is not in my area in Utah here but check and see if you have it near you.  Also check out their facebook and twitter pages.  They have lots of informative tips and deals!

Win It:

How would you like to try TriDerma’s Severe Diaper Rash Cream?  Well 5 lucky Oh So Savvy Mom readers will get to try a tube of their own.    The first entry method is a little different on this giveaway.  Please leave a comment with your best or funniest diapering moment while traveling.  Then enter below on the form and good luck!  Giveaway open to US only.  Must be 18+.


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  1. The best diapering tip that I can give - as a future grandmother - is that when your child has soiled their diaper, don't let it sit, clean them up right away.
  2. I'm a foster mom for newborns to age 2. The best tip I have for diapering is to use overnight diapers at night as the baby grows. As they grow and sleep through the night, the older they get the heavier the diaper gets when they sleep. Overnight diapers help prevent waking up to a soggy baby!
  3. don't forget the diapers on a road trip in nowhere land is my best tip
  4. If you have a baby who has figured out how to remove their diaper during nap time, try putting it on backwards.
  5. i always bring disposable changing pads and a plastic bag
  6. Rebecca Parsons says
    Always keep an extra bag of diapers at grandma's house so that you ever run out.
  7. sandra davis says
    always take plenty of diapers with you even if you are just planning a short run to the store because you never know what might happen.
  8. Keep a pack at the babysitters/grandmas house so you wont have to worry about packing the bag!
  9. I found out that coconut oil is great for a diaper rash! It usually does the trick after one or two applications. I would only use something stronger if it did not heal after that.
  10. Meghan Finley says
    My biggest tip is to have a stash everywhere. Purse, car, work, home. You never know when you'll need another one
  11. Cynthia Sizemore says
    My tip is change, repeat, repeat, repeat. You have to change them a lot to keep them dry.
  12. Coconut oil is great for diaper rash, and some fresh air on the bottom.
  13. I don't really have any tips as I have no babies yet but I am excited about cloth diapering!
  14. darlene lehman says
    while heading down the highway my daughter went potty in her diaper and just couldnt wait for me to stop at a rest stop and as I had some friends following I wanted to wait the 20 miles to stop at our agreed on stop. Well, my daughter took off the diaper and tossed it out the window. It landed right on the windshield of the car behind me. They sped up and started yelling madly and then sped off. I t was kind of funny now that i think about it but at the time i was so embarrassed,
  15. Jenn McClearn says
    my best diaper advice tip is that if you have a boy make sure he is "pointing down" in the diaper or else he will pee up lol, learned that the hard way!
  16. Family reunion was the worst time to have a diaper rash. New mom and thousand miles from home. Air drying the baby naked was my aunts suggestion!
  17. Rebecca Peters says
    I personally like to put my daughter in a prefold and leave her coverless- then change her pretty frequently- I cant bare to leave her without anything lol- I know tons of ppl love having their babies nakey- I just cant do it- I am happy with this way. :)
  18. This is for my great granddaughter.....no real diaper stories in this century!!! LOL
  19. Jessica Wyatt says
    If you have a little boy, put a wipe over him as soon as you take the diaper off. It prevents you from getting squirted!
  21. When your baby gets old enough to eat foods and the soiled diapers become smelly, dump the contents of the diaper in the toilet and flush. You won't have such a smelly mess till trash day.
  22. My son has super sensitive skin, so this should be perfect for him. He is 1 and of course, still in diapers. We take out our diaper trash right away, the more of our types of food he eats, the more his poopy smells.
  23. Kristen Weigel says
    Don't let your baby sit in a wet diaper! Also I let him air out as often as possible
  24. Dianna Thomas says
    Don't ever leave diapers laying around-- you have know idea who is going to get into to them--(funny but true store-ask me sometime)
  25. casey everidge says
    always have plenty of diapers. you never know what messes your baby will make. and have a changing pad.
  26. Brittney House says
    My only tip is to always have extra diaper on hand. You can never have too many diapers.
  27. kathy dalton says
    i always kept spare diapers in the car and never used them so i knew they were always there
  28. Diane Cooper says
    My grandson of two years old had always worn cloth - we had to take to an unexpected trip about 300 miles from home, and my daughter decided it would be easier on everyone if we bought disposables for the trip. At his first diaper change on the trip, my grandson grew hysterical when I threw the disposable in the trash!
  29. Always keep a spare outfit in the car- for you & the baby.
  30. Natasha Tucker says
    My son is 2 years old. Now he takes his pamper off, throws it in the trash, brings me a new pamper, and says "here, change pamper mama!" It's so cute!
  31. Stockpile diapers when you find a sale or have extra coupons. Concentrate on having extras in the next size up so your child won't outgrow your diaper stash.
  32. Brigette Streeper says
    I would always put a wipe over my son's wee-wee as soon as that diaper came off... that way it wouldn't become a fountain!
  33. When my niece was about 1 1/2 we were sitting on the floor playing.We both got up to get something to eat then we went back on the floor. I told her I think she dropped something so thinking it was food I picked it up. It wasn't food it was alittle turd. I'm so glad she didn't pick it up and eat it.LOL! After I was kind of grossed out I just laughed. To this day she loves that story. I'm going to be a first time grandma in May so I'm sure I'll have a lot more fun with things falling out of diapers.Thank you :)
  34. I really like the cloth diapers which I bought a couple of months ago from www.lilhelper.ca!! My baby is more comfortable with it and I too find it very easy to wash and reuse!