Travel Guest Post: How to spend an exciting holiday in Tenerife

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I’m excited to bring you this international travel guest post today!  As a travel lover myself I thought the more adventurous of you might appreciate learning about this exciting vacation destination.

Lying on the North West African Coast, Tenerife is a well known destination in the Spanish region to experience the winter sun ambience. This is the perfect holiday spot for North Europeans and adventurous Americans to escape the dull winter season. Tenerife has become the most sought after destination in the past few years where the place has garnered a reputation for cost effective travel packages and an environment that doesn’t seem too foreign even for the novice traveler’s taste. Tenerife offers a comprehensive mix of the traditional and the modern with a picturesque surrounding of this tranquil haven.


Fun Lover’s Delight:

Tenerife is the fun lovers’ paradise with stylish restaurants that appeal to your senses and live music bars where one can enjoy live music with a few drinks. The luxurious Mare Nostrum Resort is well known for their entertainment, especially the Piramide De Arona which is famous for hosting Carmen Mota flamenco performances. These hangout spots are close to the Safari Center so one can always go on a safari once they have had a taste of the Tenerife’s cuisine. An intense element is added to the night life of Tenerife by Playa de las Americas which is commonly referred to as the cabaret capital of the region. However these exquisite after dark pleasures include international cuisines and a lively ambience that may not appeal entirely to those preferring to experience the local culture and night life.




Water Lovers’ Indulgences:

Ample sunshine, year round warm weather and scenic environment are some of the features that define Tenerife, the perfect location for water lovers’ indulgences. It might be a good idea to avoid Tenerife if you are not up to the task of bearing with high summer temperatures. But if you enjoy sunshine then be sure to visit Los Gigantes in the South West which has been designed in keeping with the interests of the tourists. The most striking fact of this place apart from rich sunshine is the laid back pace of life which offers great relaxation. This place was named after the prominent towering cliffs that offer a splendid spectacle in the form of a gorgeous backdrop to the resort that definitely adds its own touch of natural grace. Los Gigantes provides the best possible options for exploring Tenerife either by land or even air with various marine trips being organised from the harbour for viewing the whales that occupy the waters here. Since this place was built exclusively for catering to the tourists, it may be difficult to experience the actual culture of Tenerife as is found in the old villages in the region.


Spectacle of Traditional Heritage:

Puerto de la Cruz is the oldest resort in Tenerife’s northern coast that has been attracting tourists and enthusiastic travellers for a long time. This is the most traditional area in Tenerife where one can get up close and personal with the traditional side of the region. Bars in this area are mainly intended for the local population where Latin music can be heard all day. This is good change from the influence of international preferences with the travellers getting a taste of Canarian cuisine, although a few vegan options are always available to tourists. The festivities seem to be there all year round but the biggest of the lot is the famous Carnival held during the months of February and March. The city just roars into life and all join the party that can go on for a week altogether. provides great offers on hotels in these traditional towns for a truly remarkable experience.



The Culturally Inclined Traveler:

Santa Cruz, Tenerife’s Capital, is a cradle of rich heritage and culture. On looking beyond the modern outlook of the city, one can find historical infrastructure that leaves you breathless with sheer elegance and reminiscent of the times gone by. Tenerife Auditorio is an architectural marvel which houses the venue for concerts, ballet and opera. The best way to describe Tenerife is a harmonious sustenance of the modern and the traditional with a keen eye for preferences of the visitors to this magnificent sunny paradise.


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  1. Julie Wood says
    I never heard of this place, but it sure sounds like a great place to visit on vacation. The beach looks so pretty and the places to go sound fun and exotic. This would be a dream vacation to go to Tenerife and spend a week or two seeing the sites.
  2. I hadn't heard of Tenerife before. It looks like a beautiful place!
  3. shelly peterson says
    looks like an absolutely beautiful place. Sounds like a great place to vacation.
  4. I wonder how I've never heard of this place before! It is amazing - I must check this out!
  5. Janet W. says
    This looks so relaxing and beautiful! The scenery is amazing!
  6. I would love to spend atleast one or two holidays at a place like these to escape, I love being by the water, enjoying the sun, and just relaxing, I am from Michigan so I could use a change of weather now.