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Have you ever wondered how to get healthier, hydrated skin?   I know I have, and I always thought that it would come from the beauty products that I used– the face creams and body lotions.  I know that those play a big part in keeping our skin hydrated and that they lock the moisture in, but did you know that you could help your skin before you applied those products?

Well, I just discovered that you can!  When I was introduced to the rejuvenator shower head  I assumed it was just like any other shower head.  It was just there to clean and wash my hair, face and body.  But I have to admit I was wrong.  The rejuvenator is so much more than just a standard shower head!

The rejuvenator shower head distinguishes itself from other shower heads and bathroom accessories by using Microbubble Technology™.  Microbubble Technology generates millions of tiny microbubbles that naturally cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate the skin, for a healthier look.

Scientifically, they compare the rejuvenator to a waterfall.  A waterfall forms negatively charged ions in the air which then cleans the air.  The rejuvenator achieves the same cleansing theory by infusing billions of microbubbles, which are ionically charged, for a deep penetrating cleansing effect.  When the negatively charged bubbles touch your skin, they attract dirt and oil particles from the surface of your skin and deep within the pores.  Once inside the pores, the bubbles gently implode and breaking up old particles.  The bubbles than draw the dirt and oil away from your skin and release them into the stream of relaxing water.  You are then left with hydrated, vibrant and rejuvenated skin!  And it is all done naturally!  They claim you don’t need soap and shampoos but I would never dare try showering without my yummy smelling body wash 🙂

The Microbubble Technology™ intrigued me and I was very excited to try out the Rejuvenator.  So excited that I made my husband install it right away!  Here it is in our shower…


The installation was very quick and easy.  No tools required!  I was also surprised because I thought it was just a new shower head, but it actually includes a diverter so you can hook up your original shower head too.  So now we have two shower heads!  You can use either shower head by itself or you can use them both at the same time.  The Rejuvenator can come off as a handheld shower head so my kids like to turn them both on and use the Rejuvenator to spray off and rinse while they stand under the stream of the old shower head.  It is very nice.

For this review I did things a little differently than I usually do.  I usually do all my research first and then try the product.  But this time I did things differently.  I wanted to see if I noticed a difference before I went into great depths about the product.  So I stepped into the shower and turned on the Rejuvenator.  I first noticed how amazing the water felt.  It was a really gentle stream of water that felt nice and refreshing.  I could totally tell a difference from our old shower head.

I proceeded with my usual soap and shampoo routine and then I got out of the shower.  I could really tell a difference on my skin after just one shower!  My skin felt soft and almost smoother than normal.  I really liked it!  Now, as the weeks have gone by I have noticed that my skin does feel more hydrated.  My face use to be really itchy dry after my showers but I haven’t had any problems since I switched shower heads.

As for it’s claim of natural cleaning, I don’t know if that really works.  I still use soaps and shampoo’s and body wash.  I guess I’m too paranoid that I would still be dirty or stinky afterwards.  But I can really tell the difference in my skin.  It really is softer, smoother and more hydrated.  My kids also really like it and I like that it can detach on the hose so you can use it to spray or rinse the kids off.  I really enjoy using the rejuvenator and I think it’s a great product!  It’s like stepping out of a spa everyday!

Buy It: 

If you’ve been looking for a way to achieve healthier skin the I suggest checking out the rejuvenator.  It retails for $99 and can be purchased online here or you can purchase the Rejuvenator hand held shower head on

If you’d like to learn more about this technology I highly suggest checking out their website or their social media pages.  Here are their facebook and twitter pages.  You will also find great information and tips about their products on their pages too.


Win It:

How would you like to win a rejuvenator showerhead of your own?  One lucky Oh So Savvy Mom reader will!  This is valued at $99 and is open to the US.  Enter below and good luck!


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