Baby’s First Ponytail! – Hair tutorial and tips

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This is always a great moment with my little girls.  I love when I can finally get that first ponytail!  With the really little ones it is almost impossible to get them to sit still.  So here are a few things that I have done to try and help with the wiggles

  • Give them their toothbrush to play with
  • Let them play with the squirt bottle and/or comb
  • Give them a doll and let them do their babies hair while they get their hair done
  • Put them in their highchair and do their hair during breakfast
  • Last resort if your really desperate give them some fruit snacks 🙂

To do her ponytail I just squirt her hair and get it all wet.  Then I comb through it with a comb.  I try to section off the parts with a comb and make them as straight as I can.  But to be honest it’s not going to be that great.  Then I just comb it into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic.  Make sure you get the tiniest ones in the store.  This is so you don’t have to wrap it around a million times.

Then you can either put a sponge curler in it while it dries (so it’s not standing up straight like Alfalfa) or you can do what I did in the picture.  This is how I created the loop.  When you pull the hair through the elastic the last time don’t pull the hair all the way through.  Leave the ends in and it creates the little loop.  Then you can spray with hairspray if you want or just leave it as is.  Also, add a bow or ribbon!

And then a big CHEESE!





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  1. Julie Wood says
    So sweet and adorable. I really love the Ponytail hair tutorial and tips! My sister can do this on her daughter and it would be so cute!! Thanks for the tips!
  2. Great ideas! Having a little girl in the house is always a treat. They offer plenty of opportunities for dressing up and having tons of fun with hair and accessories. Once your child has enough hair, enjoy the chance to have a little girly fun and a lot of laughs.
  3. Sandy Cain says
    LOL! That's the best thing about having a girl. You candress them up, play with their's better than (if a lot more work) than a Barbie doll!
  4. Aw! Love the little loop. Some great tips, and even if you're unsuccessful in getting baby to sit still to get her hair done, I think crazy messy teeny tiny ponytails are absolutely adorable,
  5. Aww. I think this is just too cute. Thank you for sharing.
  6. So cute! First pony tail!!!! What a picture. I had boys and never had a little girl to do this too!
  7. When my girl was little she did not like anything in her hair at all, but now that she is older she loves her hair bows, headbands, and loves a braided pony tail.
  8. Dorothy Boucher says
    OMG!! I had to come on this page to comment on that little girls look, so adorable.. God Bless and love the cuteness of that curl on top :)