Disney Pixar Planes opens Friday – Review

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Has everyone heard of the new Disney movie called Planes?  Well if not it is a new animated movie from the creators of Cars.  It features a crop duster plane named Dusty and his adventures as he achieves his dreams.  Here is a little synopsis of the movie from Disney.

From high above the world of “Cars” flies “Planes,” Disney’s upcoming animated action-packed comedic adventure starring Dusty, a big-hearted, fast-flying crop duster who dreams of competing in the most exhilarating around-the-world air race in history. There’s only a couple of not-so-small problems — Dusty is not exactly built for racing and he also happens to be afraid of heights.


Despite his fear and with encouragement from his mentor, a naval aviator named Skipper, Dusty narrowly qualifies for the big competition. Dusty’s sportsmanship and speed begin to rattle the defending champ of the race circuit, Ripslinger, who will stop at nothing to see Dusty fail.

When disaster strikes during the climax of the final race, Dusty’s courage is put to the ultimate test. With the support of friends old and new, Dusty reaches heights he never dreamed possible.


My three year old little buddy and I were able to go on a little date the other night and see a screening of the new movie Planes.  It was a fun filled night and we both enjoyed the movie.  I think I probably enjoyed it more than him though!  (he didn’t get a nap before hand it started to get late by the end of the show.) I love how Disney can incorporate dialogue and jokes that are fun for adults as we watch movies with our kids.  We saw it in 3D and it was fun to see the planes fly off the screen as they were competing in their races.  My son has even been flying around the house pretending to be in the movie.  I love how things spark his creativity.

Planes opens this Friday August 9th and is rated PG for mild action and rude behavior.  It was an hour and a half long.  I really enjoyed the movie and I thought it was a fun film for kids.  My son liked watching the planes fly through the sky and I know my daughter will love it so I’m hoping that we can go again and take her.  She will enjoy the cute girl planes.  So if your looking for something fun to do this weekend as a family then you might want to check it out.  Go have some high flying fun!

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Because, I know once your kids have seen the movie they won’t want the fun to end, here are some fun printable Planes activity sheets! Simply click the banner below.

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  1. Great post! I loved reading your review of the movie and the experience you had with your son. That quality time is dynamite! I'm excited to see this movie!
  2. Julie Wood says
    This movie is a must to see with family becasue it is such a cute story and Disney really knows how to make such fun and entertaining movies. I am going to see this movie with my sister and nephew.
  3. I think this will be a movie that we will wait for the DVD to come out.