Create Some Fun with DIY Candy Necklaces

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Now this activity may not be suitable for everyone.  It may result in hyper kids bouncing off the walls but it may also result in tons of fun, giggling, crazy, wild entertainment and fun memories for you and your cute little kiddos.   And before I begin I have to admit that I am one that limits sweets in our house.  I don’t buy sweet treats to snack on and the only time I make cookie and cake like treats is for a birthday or when I need to bring something for a get together.   Maybe the lack of sugar was why my kids were bouncing off the walls afterwards!  But hey, every once in a while you gotta break some rules and have some fun!

I wanted to try and have some last minute fun with the kids before we started school back up.  So I stopped at our local Red Box and I rented a movie that they wanted to see and then we headed home to have some fun.  I had gone to the grocery store earlier and found everything we would need to make some candy necklaces.  Here is what I came up with.


  • Cereal – something like fruit loops or apple jacks
  • Cookies – we did fudge stripe
  • Peachy candies
  • Gummy Lifesavers
  • Yogurt covered pretzels
  • Candy Necklace (we just cute the elastic necklace and then restrung the candy’s)
  • Skinny ribbon (you can use licorice rope but all I could find was black and my kids don’t like that kind so we just used ribbon instead)

To start off I just emptied all the different candies into separate bowls.  Then I just cute a piece of ribbon and let each kid go to town!  They had so much fun stringing the candy and they actually didn’t eat much while they worked.  But once they had their necklace done the devoured them as we watched a movie!



I had to hurry to snag a picture of this before it was eaten!  I love how my daughter worked from both ends and created a pattern.  My sons was just random pieces all mixed together.  It was cute but I didn’t get to his in time for a picture and he had already eaten most of it!


So if your looking for a fun activity to do with the kids you should try it out!  It was a fun activity and the kids really enjoyed their little “craft!”  You could even stick with just cereal so they don’t get overloaded on sugar!  Cheerios has many different varieties that would be fun and colorful and I think that would make a perfect activity for our Joy School group.


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  1. Julie Wood says
    What a great idea to do with the kids in the summer time. I know that all these candy and cookie items are delicious to eat and this is a very creative way to make necklaces. I must try this.
  2. Super cute idea! Will have to do this one really soon.
  3. Richard Hicks says
    This is a fun craft project to get the kids involved with. I bet no kid would turn down the offer!
  4. Love the idea. These would even be fun to make at birthday parties as something for the party guests to do.